Daily Archives: May 8, 2007


It’s Tuesday and it was a bit of a crazy day. Really focused on work, finally finding my footing so to speak. Last night was fairly mellow, just hung out, watched Heroes which was a bit of a let down and no yelling at the TV set, ‘Oh Shit!’. That added to the mellowness. Other than that, nothing much happened. Bill came home from where ever it was that he was at and he plopped on the couch to watch whatever was on. I was bored by 10:30 and should have gone to sleep but for some reason decided not to.

There was no real reason to stay up but I did. Caught the usual bad news at 11:00 and soon drifted off to sleep after missing the weather. That’s what usually happens. I watch the news to get the weather and as soon as the weather comes on and I hear that meteorological speak my mind goes blank and doesn’t usually come back until after the forecast. It happens almost every single time. It was a restful sleep though, not much tossing and turning and as far as I can tell I didn’t smack Bill around in my sleep. I think I did dream about playing basketball across the street from my house though.

Woke up earlier than the alarm clock and slept for a few more minutes. Bill was taking the day off for his father so his moving about didn’t wake me up. I did the morning routine of shower, shaving, cereal, coffee and email. Did catch Otis Livingston on Today in New York and almost dressed accordingly but since I’m going to see Arcade Fire with brother Frank tomorrow so I was going to need some sort of cool rock and roll suit and tie to wear, much to Frank’s dismay.

Last time I met Frank after work for a concert he was terribly late (what else is new) and commented that I looked like the guy from Thirty-Something, because I took off my suit jacket and showed my braces and that guy from that TV show in the eighties wore suspenders. I suppose if making fun of me looking good helps that I am more than willing to contribute somehow. I could always show up wearing a WFMU t-shirt, but then again I don’t have any. The t-shirts I had didn’t make it into this century and are probably decomposing in some landfill somewhere.

Like I said earlier, I was really focused at work, and did a lot, tried to figure out various phone lines, which are ours that we’re paying for and which aren’t, so we won’t be paying for. The day flew by and as usual I expected to be out by 5:00 like I usually do. At 4:45 I get a call from Circe, who was out of the office. I had tried booking a flight for her from La Guardia Airport to Boston a week or so ago and after I booked it, she decided it was too much so I canceled that and booked her a train ticket. Then I had to cancel that train ticket to buy her a ticket for the Acela (really super fast) train. Today she called, wanting me to book a round trip ticket for Monday back to Boston.

It was double the price but with her canceled ticket it was knocked down to half that price, but due to the cancellation, a fee had to be paid which brought the price up some more. She didn’t like that and I had to cancel once again, and book a train ticket. This was all done via email of course and it could have been done before she left the office last week, but hey things come up and I didn’t leave the office until 6:30, due to being on hold with the wonderful people in Bombay working for the Delta Shuttle and the geniuses who work at Amtrak.

I sent her whatever info was needed and even left my email address and my cell number should she need to call me again. I almost made photocopies of all the notes that I was taking but decided not to. I just walked across town to the bus terminal and sat on an over heated bus with zero ventilation.