Daily Archives: May 14, 2007

C Moon

It’s Monday again and it’s back to work. Juan and I briefly entertained the thought that if I took today off as well it would lend credence to my being unwell on Friday. I knew as good as an idea that was, I really should go in. And I did, after waking up, showering, shaving and coffee and cereal. I walked out into a really nice morning, playing the Arcade Fire. That was an accomplishment of sorts. I did enjoy the show somewhat after all, just had problems with myself, or at least inside my head. I wish I could move to Montreal. Ha ha.

I walked across town listening to Tunnels and Laika and Wake Up and all those great songs and I felt good listening to it. You know, I would give anything to see them again, to redo last Wednesday all over again but we all know that ain’t gonna happen. So I have to move on. I know Frank did. I got to the office and no one was in yet. I didn’t slick back my hair, went natural I thought it would be easier and it was. I did ask Carla the receptionist what she thought was better and surprisingly she said she liked it slicked back.

Work was busy enough, most everyone was in the office. I had a few errands to run, even going as far as 28th street and Eighth Avenue. I needed to get some thing for one of the printers and Carla told me this one place in all of Manhattan had it. So I hopped on a train downtown and walked to the store where they did not have the thing I was supposed to get. I called the office and Carla was apologetic. I tried to calm her down. It was a beautiful morning and I told her that at least it wasn’t raining. I really didn’t mind.

On the way back to the office I stopped off and picked up my salad for lunch since it was almost noon. I went back to the office empty handed except for the lettuce, broccoli and grilled chicken and technically they were in a container in a bag, not in my hands since I balanced it on my head walking to my desk. I ate the salad a little while later and walked around midtown, stopping into Barclay Rex where I bought a small cigar and smoked it which really made the afternoon that much better.

After that, more people gave me more things to do and since it was close to the end of the day, I labeled them so I would remember tomorrow what it is exactly I’m supposed to do with them. The origami I practiced with various bonds and licenses didn’t go over too well last week. I did have another errand to run which involved me going to Kinko’s since the printer wasn’t working properly. I was helped by two big queens, or at least I thought they were kin. After that it was home, where I am now with Juan waiting for Heroes to come on.