Daily Archives: May 1, 2007

Lay of the Land

Tuesday. All is well. A busy day, finding my groove at work. Last night came home and watched Heroes which was amazing. I think it’s official, I am hooked on the show. A few times I said, “Oh shit” out loud. That Sylar is really a bad bad man. Don’t like him at all. And all the powers he showed last night, set five years into the future, represent all the characters that he’s killed. Not good. Boo. After that it was watching the news and then off to bed. That wasn’t easy. For some reason I couldn’t fall asleep right away.

Of course, eventually I did fall asleep, waking up hours later. Almost over slept. Bill was taking the day off from work so he ably played the role of lump in the bed. I hustled myself into the shower, had some coffee, cereal and then it was out on the street waiting for the bus. Into the city, I walked down the street on a nice morning. Greg Stevens was due back from his Bermudan golf outing, hopefully drumming up business for the company. I spoke with a couple of the IT guys from Wanker Banker, tentatively making plans to meet up for lunch.

An envelope need to be delivered to Rockefeller Center so I took it over, walking around midtown, enjoying the day and ostensibly saving the company some money on a messenger. There’s been a lot going on and the chief financial officer is always thinking of saving money, while the chief executive officer wants to spend spend spend. Somehow I’m in the middle. The CEO wants me to get a Blackberry and I’m reluctant. I don’t want to be reached after hours, but if he wants to buy me one, who am I to say no? The CFO can say no though.

The day flew by once again and I hunkered down with various projects that I had to do. Couldn’t delegate these tasks since Carla the receptionist is still working on what I gave her yesterday. I kept thinking of what a good time I had with Bill last night. We haven’t done much together lately and that made it special. Even walking across town to the bus station was nice, it was a beautiful evening to just walk and talk. And if you know Bill, you know that he can talk and talk.

Today is also now known as Mission Accomplished day. That started 5 years ago when the fucking idiot in the White House landed on the air craft carrier stating “Major combat operations have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.” If it was an April Fools joke, the moron was a month too late. Now there are over 3000 soldiers dead, many more maimed and tens of thousands if not more Iraqi civilians are dead and more than that, injured. And the decider has decided to veto a motion to end the war by next year. The Iraqis don’t want us there, the citizens of the United States don’t want us there, but I’m sure big oil is licking it’s lips hoping to still get the vast deposits of oil located under the Iraq land.

I really hate these people.

Call your US Representative and tell them of your support for the Hate Crimes law that will finally protect LGBT people.
from HRC:

“Apparently legislators are being so heavily bombarded with calls
and emails from the radical right that some are getting very
nervous about voting for the bill. Knowing how close we are,
that’s not good.
We need to make sure our voice is stronger than the radical right’s.
this bill, and even if they’ve said they’ll vote for it, we need
you to pick up the phone RIGHT NOW and remind them of your

Congressional Phone Directory
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