Daily Archives: May 18, 2007

No Bulbs

Friday is here and it’s cold and damp. Earlier this week it was in the 80’s, now we’re in the 50’s. Brother Frank has been waylaid by a virus and we wish him a most speedy recovery. Last night was a great TV night too. Unfortunately Bill had wanted to record the Bob Barker farewell on CBS but it never took which was disappointing to him, I was too wrapped up in the finale of Ugly Betty and the Office, both of which were somehow recorded in lieu of Bob Barker. Hopefully Bill will eventually buy the DVD of the Bob Barker farewell. Don’t ask me why.

Ugly Betty was a bit intense last night. Here are some spoilers. Betty’s father is still in Mexico. He’s a marked man having killed his wife’s (Betty’s mom) first husband and now that he’s back in Mexico the first husband’s family is gunning for him. Hilda and Santos were planning their wedding and hoping to see their son Justin as Tony in West Side Story. Santos, on his way to the play stopped in convenience store which was being held up. A gun went off but we didn’t see what happened. It could actually be Betty and Hilda’s father or Santos who got shot.

Betty’s boss, Daniel is still popping pills and drinking on top of that. He almost overdosed but his sister (formerly his brother) Alexis was driving to the hospital with him when it was noticed that the brake line was cut and they crashed off screen. The next shot was the brother and sister in the front seat, bloody and very still. Surprisingly, even though it was a sports car there were no air bags. And Betty’s boyfriend, Henry may have gotten his ex-girlfriend Charlie pregnant, but it may actually be Betty’s orthodontist Dr. Farkus’ baby since Charlie was fooling around behind Henry’s back.

It was a bit of a downbeat ending for a show that usually leaves on a positive note. Definite cliffhangers though will we still be hanging in the autumn? The Office was crazy intense. Michael sold his condo anticipating getting the position for Dunder Mifflin in New York City. Jim and Karen drove to New York to interview for the same position. It turns out the position was Jan’s, Michael’s on again off again girlfriend / sex playmate. Michael found out, told Jan (who got breast implants trying to win Michael back and it worked) and Jan flipped out and needed to be escorted by security from the building.

Dwight was insane of course and the ending was perfect with Ryan getting the job without even really trying and getting off the phone with New York, hung up and said to Kelly who is obsessive about being Ryan’s girlfriend that they were done. Brilliant ending. Scrubs was good too, but after the Office and Ugly Betty, was a little bit light. I am happy to report that the Thursday night comedy line up of My Name is Earl, The Office, 30 Rock and Scrubs have been renewed for another year. I should write for TV, or at least a column in a newspaper about TV. I am so qualified, don’t you think?