Daily Archives: May 15, 2007

Dead Finks Don’t Talk

Tuesday. A gorgeous day although it reached 82 degrees I believe. If it’s like this now, on May 15 what will it be like on August 15? And of course I tend to think of the Moody Blues Tuesday Afternoon, yet another song I grew up listening to on WNEW FM. It was all such a simpler time then in the 1970’s, but once again there is no going back, and I downloaded the song so I can listen to it any day of the week. Such a trippy song, and just when there is talk of peyote in the air. Look up peyote in wikipedia and you’ll see a picture of peyote in Arcata CA. Is that a sign?

I got up around 6:00 this morning, showered, shaved and had coffee and cereal and soon was out the door headed to 5th and Washington to wait for the bus. The usual bus driver hasn’t been around so I guess he quit. I don’t know, nice guy though. Today’s bus driver was a tough cookie pissing off passengers by preventing them from bringing their coffees on the bus. They had to dump them in the garbage on the street then get back in line. This happened at the stops after mine since I get on the bus with knuckle draggers.

Work was good once again, I’ve found the list of things they want me to do. It entails opening the office and starting up office systems. Check. Taking attendance and provide support. Check check. Make travel arrangements and order car services. Check again. Make sure the machines are running properly, order supplies, make sure FedEx, DHL and UPS are looked after, maintain relationships with building personnel and vendors, and do expense reports. I do all of these things well but struggling with the expense reports.

Not that I can’t do them, it’s just that all day long there is something else I need to do. Someone invariably comes up with a new task which knocks the task at hand to a lower rung and by the time I get back to the expense reports, I have no idea where I was so I start over. So it’s like that most days. I can handle it. Finding that list really helped me out. I am competent after all, not a loser or a fake or a charlatan. It meant a lot.

Speaking of losers, fakes and charlatans, Jerry Falwell is dead. I am glad about that. I do feel sorry for the worms that will feast on his flesh, but they have a job to do and if they had hands they would probably be holding lists just like mine. He was a rotten man, filled with hate in the guise of god’s love. What a fucking asshole. He was one of the two scumbags who blamed 9/11 on gay men and lesbians and women having the right to choose. There was no light for Jerry Falwell to head towards, just darkness which is still too good for a fat fake loser like him. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Happy Birthday Brian Eno.