Daily Archives: May 24, 2007

Senses Working Overtime

A long Thursday is at it’s end. I only worked two and a half days this week, but it feels longer. Pretty tired though that may be from the wine and champagne I had at work to congratulate Carla the receptionist’s graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology. That was my idea, a little get together before the holiday weekend and alcohol is always a good reason for people to gather and celebrate. I ran around midtown in 90 degree heat, but it was ok, lot’s of eye candy out today and by eye candy I mean men in suits.

I was somewhat busy throughout the day, since I wanted to leave as few loose ends as possible, since I had taken Friday off. A holiday weekend, made into a four day weekend. I corresponded via email with Elaine who told me that brother Frank was going to need an angiogram and possibly a heart operation. Let’s hope we don’t have to go down that route, but he might have an infected valve which may need to be replaced. The cardiologist is supposed to be top notch so that is a definite plus. The plan is to go out to the hospital tomorrow and spend some more time with Frank. I even printed out what happened on the last episode of 24 so I could read it to him if he’d like.

I’m thinking about bringing some speakers for my iPod so I could play some music for him. Of course it would be Frank’s choice, like it’s been for all of my life, but I certainly don’t mind. At this point if I had anything he needed I would give it to him. Even a kidney. I say that knowing that he wouldn’t need it anyhow. I am presently knocking on wood. A superstitious atheist, that’s me.

No blind people to escort around midtown at rush hour so I just strolled around on my own, feeling good from the wine, smoking a Padron. Walked through a very crowded Bryant Park, getting stares and returning those stares. Had to check to see if my zipper was open, or if I had snot hanging from my nose. I purposefully ignored the Kick Me post it on my back. It was a good cigar and a good walk, though I think I may have walked too fast since when I stopped, I sweated up a storm.

I sat on an a crowded bus, overheated with the air conditioning next to a guy who was out of it. Not nodding out narcotics-wise, but nodding out due to the heat. I felt radioactive sitting there, it was that hot. I got off the bus on Willow where I ran into an old friend. Actually Rita’s friend, Karen Bunny. With her son. She mouthed something to me but I couldn’t understand then, when I got home I figured out, she was saying that Alexi is adopted. That’s nice. He looked like a good handsome lad in his Beatles t-shirt, which is what drew my attention in the first place.

Now I’m home, hanging out, Bill’s here, Juan is on his way and I am just tired. Glad to have off tomorrow, that’s for sure. These two and half day work weeks are murder.

Lost was very good last night by the way. Good season finale.