Tomorrow People

I am naked. My watchband broke and I don’t have it on and I feel naked. Also entranced by my wrist. I hoped it was Saturday when I woke up, but alas, it was Friday. Need to remember that from now on, the Village Voice cannot be read before Wednesday. I puttered about the apartment, routine routine routine. Bill was puttering about as well so we kept bumping into each other, two bears in their forties.

Nice walk to the Path, it wasn’t raining anymore and the floods had basically dried up, at least on my route. Not many people walking to the train, seems a lot of them got the jump on a four day holiday weekend. Good idea, to stretch it into five, or more since with vacation time and a two day office holiday. Damn, I wish I had some vacation time. In a few weeks I should have accrued enough time to take time off, but my sister and her family will have come and gone by then.

Work was slow today, not much at all going on. Phones weren’t ringing off the hook, they were barely ringing at all. Not too many people in the office today or on the street, not exactly 28 Days Later, but noticeable. I sort of knew that the office was closing early, I found out the other day. I couldn’t really say anything because it wasn’t definite though I did put the idea out there.

It became official around noon that we were closing at 3:00. Since I knew that beforehand Bill and I had an arrangement to see Phillip Beansprout a little bit earlier, like 5:00. I took the train uptown and met Bill in Bryant Park. We sat and talked a bit, as if checking to see if we did our homework before class. ‘What did you get for question number two?’

We walked up Sixth Avenue, a really nice afternoon. I smoked a Padron while we walked and talked. We had plans to go to Prospect Park after the session to see TV on the Radio a Brooklyn band that’s been getting a lot of hype these days. They’ve been around for a few years, and signed to 4AD in the UK (which was the home of the Cocteau Twins)

We got to Phillip’s office before Phillip did so Bill and I stood outside. We were early and Phillip was on time. We walked in and got very deep very quickly. Deep enough that I’m not going next week because Bill could use a session by himself. I’ll be able to see Annemarie & Co. that much sooner.

It was an intense session so I suggested that we just go home. We walked back down Sixth Avenue, past the subway we were going to take to go to Brooklyn. It was ok, Bill kept saying how tired he was yet he was willing to go. I thought with the session going the way it did, perhaps the comfort of home would be best.

Juan will tell me all about TV on the Radio.

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