Daily Archives: June 25, 2006

Temporary Like Achilles

Another dreary day, at least the day of the week is correct, it being a Sunday. Not much to do but sit and read the papers, drink too much coffee, and watch the rain pour down. Oh and think about what work will be like for me on Monday. Not exactly the best way to spend time away from work. I’ve checked the night phones a few times for McMann and Tate and the service that was supposedly performed by Demetrius, the phone guy, wasn’t completed. I’m sure Felicia checked.

Yes Felicia, the bearer of bad news, the one who insists on hugging me and telling me she loves me, I’m sure she was on top of it. She strikes me as a basically good person, albeit with a lot of baggage, you know, with the cancer and the seizures and all. She’s constantly mentioning that we dislike the very same people for the very same reasons, with her saying she’s been with McMann and Tate for over three years and still hasn’t gotten closer to some of the people. Some people just don’t want to get close, some people have an air that they don’t trust anyone, even if they are running systems for the company.

It’s funny, when Sean Combs’ former boss, then protégé was in the office I mentioned to Senor Marx and some slag that I was surprised to see Mr. So and So coming in. They weren’t impressed with what I knew about Mr. So and So, in fact they just laughed at my statement. Really. They didn’t try to hide their amusement for my earnestness, they laughed in my face from about 10 feet away. And I’m rude. I decided not to let them know about Mr. So and So. I’m sure they will find out if and when it turns into King Midas in Reverse.

I have a wealth of information that they just don’t know anything about, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I do love sharing information. I know I’ve taken precautions and chatted with a lawyer friend at the department of labor who seems to think I may have a case. Funny thing that the department of labor is right around the corner from where I work now. It’s where I won the hearing last year with regards to the fraudulent claim charged by the Department against me. Whether or not I pursue it is up to me. I do like some of these people and wouldn’t want to see anything happen to them legal wise.

Mr. Root Beer who told me I was doing a sterling job might be surprised by what goes on, but I’m not a rat. Merely a rope seller.

I will go to work with the best intentions and whether or not they recognize my efforts is up to them. I showed several times and even have on tape some people saying good positive things about me. And even some things not so favorable. Got to tape the good with the bad.

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