Daily Archives: June 19, 2006


A very busy Monday. It was ok since I did not bop Bill in the nose last night. I was out cold when he came in from driving the bus to and from Atlantic City. It was a busy day yesterday what with the beach and Folsom East. I heard from an online buddy that he was there looking for me, I was there looking for him, but we must’ve passed like two ships in the night, both smoking cigars.

Slept really well and woke up doing the usual routine of breakfast, coffee, shower and out the door. It was already hot walking to the train. I didn’t stop in to see Plantain man since I had bananas left over from the bicycle ride on Saturday. I did wave to him and he waved back. No sign of the pup tent, which was sad. It could’ve been there but I didn’t see it. I guess some guys who are straight would go to stores with girls who have their high beams on, i.e. erect nipples. Me, I’ll take a pup tent.

Path was crowded with guys in suits. Very few guys wear suits with the attention to detail that I did, but then again it was/is a fetish. I occasionally see a well dressed guy that I have difficulty taking my eyes off him, I scan from the head to the toes. The square toed shoe is a turn off and I can abide rubber soled shoes only if there is inclement weather. Most of the men that dress well are older. Sometimes there’s a thirty something kind of guy who dresses to perfection but I see these other guys, who will probably wear suits for the rest of their careers looking like it’s such a chore. Granted, for me if the temperature is over 80 degrees it is a chore.

This morning was over 80 degrees and I wore shorts, a Guyabera, and tan Airwalks. All that was missing was a skateboard. That’s how casual I can dress. Felicia floated into work, not high or anything just seemed to be in good spirits. We were chatting in the pantry when I got a phone call. I answered, and it was Mark, the counselor that got me the job at Wanker Banker in 2002. I called him a few times in the past year as the shit started to hit the fan, begging him to help me get a new job. I left voice mails and emails and never got a response. Today I got a response.

Some funky law firm who prides itself on not being your average law firm is looking for someone that Mark believes is just like me. The pay is in the same range that I am making at McMann and Tate, and probably is a suit and tie job. I told Mark I’d think about it, but never got back to him. Hey, he’s a day late and a dollar short. The man in a coonskin cap wants eleven dollar bills and Mark’s only got ten.

I’ll give him a call and politely decline, thanking him for his effort. I told Felicia who it was and reassured her that I wasn’t planning on leaving, and I’m not. Things have gotten considerably better and we’ve become something that resembles a team. A team, with me as Father Confessor perhaps. Funny thing is, Harpy my old boss from back in the day called later on and Felicia was around for that call too. She seemed concerned that something was going on with me, but once again I reminded her that I told her in the interview (the one that she said I was more animated during) that I wouldn’t be leaving.

I think the reason for my being uncomfortable in the initial month was from going from one work environment to another. Before I started working at Wanker Banker I was doing temp work, no real work place, it just changed every day or every week. That made for an easy transition, going from being rootless to having an actual job. In April I went from one situation where although difficult, it was relatively easy to a job that was 180 degrees from Wanker Banker. It seems to be getting better now.

Felicia and I worked side by side, and even had lunch together while unpacking boxes and file cabinets that were shipped from the now closed San Francisco offices. I like to make her laugh. Nothing it seems is off limits and that’s fine by me.