Daily Archives: June 6, 2006

Will it Go Round in Circles?

It’s Tuesday. An ok day. Difficulty waking up despite the fact that my body clock had adjusted to the new job, or at least the hours I keep. I pried myself from Bill’s embrace, he doesn’t want to talk but has no problem with body language. The language he’s been speaking lately is ‘don’t get out of bed, stay with me and sleep’. It’s a language I could speak but bills have to be paid, I have people counting on me. Plus once I’m awake it’s awfully difficult for me to get back to sleep.

I shuffled off to work listening to Beggars Banquet by the Rolling Stones, a gift from my sister and her family for the holidays last year. I had to stop and vote in the primary and in order to step into the electronic voting booth I had to declare myself as a democrat. Still in my heart I maintain my independence. I have to thank Juan for filling me in on who is pro choice and who isn’t. Joe Vas is (and looks great in a suit, which is odd for a democrat), Albio Soares isn’t. Juan knows of these things from his work with Planned Parenthood or some other group like that. Yay Juan! Fighting the good fight, fighting for women’s rights. Must be a bisexual thing.

So I voted for Menendez, despite my misgivings. His support of the credit card industry and his vote for tougher bankruptcy laws really pissed me off enough for me to fire off an angry email to his office last year. Now he’s a Senator, filling in John Corzine’s seat when Corzine decided to be Governor instead. I did see Menendez in March getting bagels before he was off to Red Bank to march in their St. Patrick’s Day parade. I’m a democrat, albeit and disgruntled one.

Work was harried, lot’s of planning on my end since we have some major clients all coming in at the same time, and Felicia will be out. That leaves Linda and myself to batten down the hatches and guard the fort. Felicia let me know she has a ring on her clit. Nice, and that would be considered a little too much information. She’s a wild one that Felicia. I wonder if she’s looking for some guy with a Prince Albert. Oh the sparks that would fly.

I had a chiropractic appointment today. Actually it was yesterday and I spaced. The chiropractor called me up last night and asked if I was supposed to see her. I said, no it was tomorrow, meaning today. I couldn’t get out of it. I was feeling fine, but got into a relationship with her. Sort of like joining a record club. Sure, who wouldn’t want a dozen cd’s for a dollar? Instead of the cd’s it’s a release from pain, a pinched nerve. Once you get better, you got to keep going. Every month there will be a notice offering the new Ashlee Simpson cd or relief from a herniated disc. And if you don’t stay on top of it, then either you now own an Ashlee Simpson cd or you will have to pay for the session you missed.

Billy Preston, passed away at 59 after being in a coma since November, from kidney complications. Rest in Peace.