Daily Archives: June 1, 2006

Ain’t That Nothin’

A really hot day. Summer heat. Very hot. I even played Summer in the City by the Lovin’ Spoonful. It was that hot. And then tonight there were some really violent storms. I don’t know karate, but I know crazy. Work has been easy lately. I’m fitting in, still have some Macanudo issues, in fact had to call up Bill to ask him about a shortcut or two. He’s been in the Bronx, attending a wake. I’ve been hanging out at home.

Had the computer turned off due to the heavy electrical storms. I do have to go in early tomorrow and that means in by 7:30. But I admit I got sucked into ER. I watched two ours of the brilliant show, ‘The Office’ and then ER came on. I tried not to watch. But no, something happened blood, hysterics and sex. Usually gets my interest though not all at the same time thankfully.

Mr. and Mrs. Lopez are off doing whatever it is married people do. I wouldn’t know since I can’t get married, yet. Juan is crashing a prom. Hopefully he left the bucket of blood behind.

Felicia has been awfully nice lately, giving me a wide berth to do my job and do my job I do. Also been listening to a lot of music at the desk. Today was heavily into the Atlantic Records collection and then Bjork. Worked for me. I even took some time away from the desk, which is something I hardly ever do lately and actually went outside and ate in a park, though even in the shade it was oppressively hot.

After work I had some errands to run in midtown and run I did with one eye in the sky looking at the oncoming thunderclouds. Made it to the Path thinking it was going to be pouring when I got off in Hoboken. On the train I struck up a conversation with someone who was reading an article about Michael Brecker the Jazz Horn guy. Apparently Michael Brecker is quite ill. Or was. I asked him what magazine he was reading because as I read over his shoulder, my ex –boss’s name.

The Legendary Record Producer. A really nice guy and quite the gentleman. That’s all I’ll say about him, because I am humble. He is too. After producing all these great talents, a mere mention in johnozed.com would could simply make his head swell. So for his sake, and his family’s he shall remain anonymous.

Tomorrow is the return to Philip Beansprout. Bill couldn’t make it last week so he has a lot of catching up to do. It should be interesting. My big plan for the weekend is to get a haircut. I was supposed to help Pedro move to his new place upstate somewhere but him and his woman, Connie did it themselves. Would’ve been good to see him again. I’ve known him almost twenty years.

I don’t know karate, but I know crazy. Word.