Daily Archives: June 8, 2006

Addicted to Love

It sucks. Life sucks. People suck. Drop the bomb I say. Finish them all off and start all over again. Probably happened already. Just so disappointed in humanity today it could all go away and I could care less. Totally fed up and sick of it all. Really. I’m not in a bad mood, just sick of most everyone. Brushed up against a realtor and now I feel unclean. I should’ve known it was going to be a crap day. Waking up at 4:15 should’ve been the tip off, but no, I wrestled with sleep and pinned two more hours to the mat.

I woke up and I did the right thing last night by getting my coffee ready, i.e. opening the can. After that it was all downhill. Took a shower, towel in the kitchen. Small things started adding up at like 6:45. Bill was going to his parents tonight so I said that I would see him tomorrow night at Philip Beansprout’s office. As I was leaving and wishing him a good day he mentioned that tomorrow is his solo session. Something I didn’t know before. Apparently he and Philip worked it out, unbeknownst to me. Me? I had issues that I wanted to bring up and now I have to wait another week. Perhaps I will perhaps I won’t. Right now I don’t give a shit.

Before I left I checked my emails and found a comment waiting for authorization. It was from some crazed bitch reeking of god knows what, so pungent the foul odor it permeated the computer screen. I figured it was an evangelical screed post mark of the beast type of thing. Or yet another Nigerian official. No this was a whole other type of grifter. But I vaguely knew this hairy backed bowlegged no ass syphilitic parasite. Chupy Draga made 3 million not from blowing off trolls under highway overpasses, but from suing some cancerous financial institution. For who knows? I’d think it was a lack of sexual harassment.

She claims her ‘problem’ was no laughing matter, but seemed to make for an easy grift if you catch my drift. An accusation of Narcissism also was levied upon me. It was all rather funny in a car crash kind of way. The poor thing, suffering so. Her pharmacologist should really give her a call. I showed Juan the email and he couldn’t believe what a loser she is. I guess that’s how he might feel, but personally I think there are so many other words out there to describe her illicit existence. So she’ll just be a footnote, not even worth writing her name. Let’s just let her have that illusion of power, it’s probably all she has left.

It’s been that kind of day. A roller coaster, nearly literally. At work there were so many clients it was quite busy and there is a certain protocol about how things are. It really gave me an indirect glimpse into the British class system. Not all the Brits though just one or two. Snooty types. Prats I think they’re called. The funny thing is, the ones you’d think would be snotty or snooty are cool and down to earth. It’s the other two who think their shit don’t stank.

And tonight, this wasn’t homework. This was a pleasure.