Daily Archives: June 9, 2006

We All Feel Better In The Dark

No Philip Beansprout for me tonight. To my chagrin, Bill is going to the session solo. This was told to me yesterday. Fine. My ambivalence towards everything includes psychotherapy. Still unhappy with the human race. Not much redemption in order it seems. Haven’t seen any redeeming qualities as of late. If we continue therapy, great.
If not, no big deal. I’m in take it or leave it ville.

Work was slow and boring and made the clock crawl, I’m cut off from everyone in the office so didn’t have a chance to participate in the World Cup office pool at ten dollars a head, teams pulled from out of the hat. I don’t know how I would’ve responded if I was asked anyway. I do enjoy the isolation. No back up either, meaning if I’m not answering the phone, no one is answering the phone. Just a receptionist after all.

It’s an odd position to work in. It’s a position where you have to tell someone you’re going to the bathroom and then ask him or her to answer the phone. And of course, working with creative types, with their blue jeans cuffed about six inches, it can be difficult since the don’t know where to look to see what extension they are sitting at. This actually happened when I asked someone what extension they were at and instead of lifting the handset, lifted the actual phone to see is it was on the bottom.

Creative types. Normal rules don’t apply. This is the world of the trends. The trend of the world. Major corporations that want to revamp their image, make it hip and timely. The clients’ come in, people that are there to make the right choice of change for the CEO and the company. Image needing tweaking. And tweaking sometimes happens in the early hours.

Presently I am writing about work to an online friend who’s looking for a job for him and his boyfriend in Chicago. Poohbear, his name online, is looking for a new job and his partner is looking to get out of Chicago. Could be odd. Who knows? Who cares? Definitely be interesting that’s for sure. Wow, it peculiar. Chatting with Poohbear online has greatly reduced my amount of hatred for the world. Oh that Pooh. Nice guy. Never met him, but could probably arrange an interview if he has the skills that he’s talking about.

Just chilling now, relaxing. Looking forward to not working over the weekend. A very good thing indeed. Just the usual routine, laundry, food shopping, attempting to clean the apartment somehow. A bike ride would be ideal and that would have to be Saturday since the Puerto Rican parade is Sunday, bringing uptown Manhattan and Central Park to a standstill. Very vibrant, that’s for sure. As far as parades go, the Puerto Rican parade beats the St. Patrick’s Day parade by a mile. They have the better weather.

Tired and red eyed and emotionally exhausted. That’s me right now.