Daily Archives: June 24, 2006

Four Sticks

A dreary day that’s for sure. Perpetually grey. Might as well be a Sunday. It’s so damp and muggy that it’s going to take a few days for the clothes that are hanging in the kitchen and bathroom to dry. Lightning just flashed, followed by thunder. I have feelings alternating between feeling ok, knowing where I stand with McMann and Tate and a sense of dread.

And it’s raining so damn much that going out isn’t an option. I presently have the Velvet Underground on DVD from Netflix. It’s being used for musical background. Not really anything visual about the reconstituted Velvets back in the nineties. I worked with Lou Reed at Skyline Studios. He was something else I tell you. The Velvets circa 1993 sound remarkably faithful to the recordings from the sixties.

I watched the Ice Storm the other day. That was very good, directed by Ang Lee if you didn’t know. Incredible detail to the seventies. The fashion and culture they had down pat. I don’t think there were ‘key parties’ where I grew up but who knows? Lot’s of things are done on the down low, that’s why I think Blue Velvet is such a great film, because it shows what is right under the surface of things, under our noses. And I suppose there are consequences or events that occur when presented with the light of day.

Unless Julio and Stine want to go to a movie, I think I’ll be staying in and watching the telly all night long. Can’t even take a walk it just so damn wet out. I wish the weather reports, the forecasters were wrong. They are 50% of the time. This just happens to be when they are right. Humbug!

Now it’s not raining. Hoboken can be quite swampy during the summer and today is one of those days. It is below sea level I believe and parts of it are landfill. Nobody around, rather blasé, left alone with my thoughts and the telly. My sister phoned earlier and asked me what was I going to say on Monday? I really don’t know. Should I say I’d like to stay here, but it seems whatever I do will be misconstrued? I have been trying to fit in, in fact last two Fridays ago I did go out for drinks with a few coworkers. I don’t think I was rude then. Only stayed for one pint anyway, not enough for rudeness.

Or should I say I think I should go? I don’t see how things will go in a favorable direction for myself. I suppose it is rude to agree with Felicia on certain people. I wonder if she was just the messenger? Not my concern though, since the message was delivered. Ideally I’d like to stay until I find another position. I think they might need me since Felicia just had a seizure and Linda is flying back to the UK to take care of her mum. But they seem like the type to not know about what lies ahead…