Set Me Free

Here’s the dealie yo. Still not sleeping well. You probably are after reading that line. Waking up during the night. Body clock out of whack. So I wander around the apartment in a fog, making my breakfast, coffee, showering, etc. The routine. Not having enough time to stroll to work so I’ve been taking the subway to 5th avenue and Central Park South.

Painless and fast and I only wind up being 11 minutes late. I know the exact time since there are clocks everywhere. I wander in, most of the stupid people not in yet. They start drifting in. Jamie, present office manager, who has been pushing me for the position of office manager, told me that she’s looking to get out, she’s been going on interviews.

Kind of looks like the time is right for me to be the office manager, no? NO. Carla who lives in London is moving to NYC to be the office manager. I am so not considered for the position that they will have someone move to NYC from LONDON than have me do the job. Nice huh? These lovely scumbags who gypped me out of my bonus, giving Christina, my assiatant who hasn’t been there a year, a better amount than me. I have no loyalty to these pieces of shit.

But I do like Carla, she’s very nice and sweet and I doubt she knows what she’s getting herself into.

Jamie also told me that they have a lot on the Persian bitch to get her fired, but they are not going to do anything. What the fuck is wrong with these mother fucking idiots? She dresses like a whore, has nothing but attitude and does all she can to undermine any type of morale in the shithole office. The fucking president of the company is impotent and overwhelmed by her.

She has the goods on some people that much I know. Helen, adminstrative office idiot, told her some tales out of school about Colette, a woman Helen supports. Colette told Helen in confidence and now the Persian bitch has the goods on Helen. How do these people get through life without anyone bashing in their tender heads?

So they’re not doing anything to make the situation better. In fact several things have gotten worse. I have got to get the fuck out of there. So I still have jobs being sent to me via, still sending out my resume. The funny thing is earlier this week I had such a better attitude, I actually though the Persian bitch was on her way out, to the curb on her bony whore like ass. Nope.

This is what the Persian Bitch resembles with her false colored eyes, dyed hair stiff and over processed like spaghetti, and does not have the personality of a comic strip character like Jasmine from ‘The Boondocks’.

A slightly unreasonable facsimile. Apologies to Aaron McGruder and Jasmine.

If you saw this bitch you would know right off the bat what type of ‘person’ she was. I mean she was horrible enough to lose her job at Bill’s law firm, where people considered waiting for her afterwork to beat her up. It’s Bleedin’ Hope’s legacy and not a thing will be done about it.

So for all my friends who were pulling for me to get this goddamned office manager position even though I knew and told those friends that it wasn’t going to happen especially after offering myself three fucking times, I told you so.

I have to take the chance and get the hell out of there. It seems it’s not getting better.

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