Daily Archives: February 23, 2006

The Passenger

Work was insane and hectic and definitely took its toll on Jamie the beleaguered office manager who has become a friend. Should I trust her? I don’t know, I do though trust her though. She’s so put upon and really doing a lot more than Bleedin’ Hope ever did. She’s doing her best to put together this All Hands meeting featuring neck bones and some decent folk from all over the world that work for Wanker Banker.

I work quite a bit today, lots of running around town. When I walk I walk at a brisk pace. And when I stop walking around I am usually drenched in sweat underneath the suits I am known to wear. Today was a three t-shirt day, meaning I have a back up and when the first shirt is drenched I switch to the back up. Today the back up was also drenched.

I had to go get some new t-shirts. Luckily there are a few opportunities to get some new t-shirts. But there was a lot of running back and froth from my office to the Waldorf Astoria. I walk at such a fast pace that I was able to time my walking. I walked from 56th st and Park Avenue to 49th street and Park Avenue in under 5 minutes.

To those that don’t know the lay out of Manhattan that is something to be reckoned with. One time I found I was able to walk from 56th st to 34th street Herald Square in twenty minutes. I had all the lights and was able to navigate through the pedestrian traffic with relative ease.

The Ipod helps a lot. Give me something with a beat and I can walk forever. Today was Gorillaz and some Bowie.

Had a lot to do, chipping in with setting up tonight’s dinner and meetings as well as meetings and dinner for tomorrow. I was appreciated. I appreciated the fact that the Persian bitch wasn’t in today and also not expected in tomorrow.

That was definitely a plus. The office really has the capacity to pull together without impediments like that bitch. Will that be recognized? I think it’s doubtful. Had a good dinner with some Londoners and San Franciscans tonight at a restaurant in the Met Life Building by Grand Central Station.

I wisely called for a car home at the end and with Bill’s prodding, made arrangements for a car to work tomorrow since they expect my black ass at 7:30AM. I figure, why not? They’re spending so much on this All Hands Meeting that another hundred dollars for me to come in and make sure all goes well would be worth it for all concerned.

The car ride home was with a driver who thinks smacking one’s children around when warranted is a good thing. We both agreed that getting hit once in a while by our parents turned out to be a good thing since kids are generally dumb and a smack once in a while does get the point home and leaves a lasting impression, hence the driver and I discussing getting smacked around twenty or so years later.