Daily Archives: February 8, 2006

Till the End of the Day

What a day what a day. A pretty good day. Still troubles with sleep, tossing and turning and body clock behaving badly. And I’ve been going to bed earlier, not watching the Daily Show. Been skipping it for about two weeks and the body clock has been out of sync for the past few days so that can’t be it. Time will tell I suppose.

Still running into stupid people, and they are sometimes really snotty. Had to deal with a woman on the phone today who was just so remarkably indifferent about wanting to give the company she works for business. And it’s big bucks. Not small potatoes. This is Wanker Banker business so money is being spent.

The hiring of chicks because they have big boobs escapes me. If there was some big stud wanting a job that I was offering and all he had to offer was a bulge here and there and not much going on upstairs, I wouldn’t hire him. No really, I wouldn’t. Might be nice to look at, to fantasize about but work is work.

Had a few errands to run today and it was a good day for it. First I had to pick up a linen tablecloth that was at the dry cleaners by work. That was a nice stroll. Walked about three blocks to a spot that was a hundred yards from the office. Came back to the desk where I had a coffee and read some emails, then it was out the door to buy some fruit. No, not some big stud with bulges here and there. Actual apples and oranges and bananas and nectarines.

I try to walk past Paul McCartney’s lawyer’s office, Eastman and Eastman on 54th Street on the off chance that I’ll run into Paul coming or going. No, not stalking. It was reported a few years ago that Sir Paul likes to take public transportation and he was spotted on a Lexington Avenue bus. So he’s known to walk around Manhattan on occasion. I’m known to walk around Manhattan on occasion too!

But no Paul. I walked back to the office listening to Primal Scream’s ‘Screamadelica’ on the Ipod. Great club music, 15 years later. Missed the boat on that one. An hour or so later I walked down to 42nd street to drop off a donation to the American Heart Association on behalf of a coworker who’s brother dropped dead of a heart attack leaving behind a wife and two kids. He was thirty something and led a relatively clean life. Not a smoker, not a drinker.

Strolled up Third Avenue, past 757 where I had worked decades ago for Harcourt Brace and Jovanovich. They’re long gone. Next door is Spam Partners where a former coworker now works. Teresa. A really sweet woman. I surprised her by popping in and we went out and had some coffee at Starbucks. I know, Starbucks. But it was right there and it was T’s suggestion. Who am I to argue?

We caught up on what’s happening at Wanker Banker since she left almost a year ago. The house of cards that she left had fallen. Gave her the lowdown on Bleedin’ Hope. She gave me the lowdown on the fact that her husband, Frank, discovered this blog. She thinks it’s enjoyable and funny and said I was a good writer, which is always nice to hear.

I hope her mother’s operation goes well. It’s a routine operation so I don’t see why it shouldn’t. How’s that for a shout out?

So it was pretty much an alright day. And had an excellent Padron 5000 Natural on my walk to the Path train, listening to Madness ‘One Step Beyond’. Most apt I think.

Madonna is on TV. Gorillaz opened up. They were good. Madonna with that 70’s Farrah ‘do’ is still a skank. That’s it for the Grammy’s for me.