Daily Archives: February 14, 2006

Glass Onion

Hooky over. Back to work. Drag drag drag. Actually it wasn’t so bad. If I know I will be confronted with stupidity it usually isn’t such a surprise. But it comes in many shapes and sizes and one never knows what shape it will take. Today was Valentine’s Day. Lot’s of red, plenty of hearts.

Got to the office. Christina, my assistant is in. Jamie the office manager with the bent tulip tells me that when I was out sick, Christina complained about being screwed. Had to work an additional thirty minutes. Jamie mentioned that her attitude wasn’t really ‘fair’ that since the beginning of the year Christina has been out for her knee, her child being sick, visits to the doctors and never once did I complain.

The thing is, Christina is looking to get over somehow. I’ve been carrying her since March of last year, and since I can’t seem to delegate work correctly, I usually do it myself. Which has allowed Christina to shop shop shop. She doesn’t take any initiative and I have to tell her at least once a week to do certain common sense tasks. I usually have to tell her to do something more than once a day, little reminders here and there.

Jamie told me that Christina doesn’t want to work reception anymore (like she does already). Seems she wants to work in the back with the other girls. Jamie agreed that it wasn’t a good idea since she’s incompetent on a few things, speaks a bit too street for an investment bank, and really barely does reception.

An example on how she speaks, “whose book is this?” I ask. Her response, “It’s mines.”
I try to get her to speak correctly, me playing Henry Higgins to her Bronx Eliza Doolittle.
It gets exasperating.

She had the idea that she was going to be working in a compliance capacity, filling in for a law school graduate after the graduate leaves the firm. No, really.

Of course, I had an encounter with the Persian Bitch as well. Not really an encounter. She was too busy talking on her cellphone to actually answer the phone of someone she is supposed to support. I answered the phone, since I get along with the VP she supports fairly well. We just keep giving her enough rope, but no one seems to know what to do with that rope.

I’m sure if it was a monogrammed Louis Vuitton rope she’d know what to do with it. Why do people like Michael Hutchence use rope incorrectly when someone with a lot less to offer the world doesn’t? I was thinking about an INXS song and thought about sad old dumb ass Michael.

One thing I try to do is help various friends out with some various things. Occasionally I procure some items from a Japanese market and purchase them for those that are unable to do it themselves for whatever reasons. So I did that tonight and got burned. Of course I should Count de Monet when I see the friends but I didn’t and found myself short later on at a checkout counter.

I was able to cover it, but mightily annoyed that someone might mistake my kindness for weakness. I hope it wasn’t intentional. They are having a romantic Valentine’s dinner and I am stewing. Like I said I hope it wasn’t intentional.

A Good Morning Moon