Daily Archives: February 25, 2006

Train In Vain

Chillin in the apartment with Julio. Relaxing, drinking wine. Mellow as could be. Bill is driving a bus around Manhattan. He picked me up after work in the big bus, which was the same type of bus that drove the Wanker Banker employees yesterday. The J Series.

I went to work today.

On a Saturday. I decided to do some dirty work on a Saturday rather than Monday since I could be ultra casual in work clothes rather than a suit and tie. I cleaned out a storage room, which is actually the Executive Rest Room with a Shower Stall. I moved supplies, 5-Gallon bottles of water and a very large plasma TV.

All by myself.

It wasn’t much actually. A little foresight was the key. And on this occasion I had an ample supply of it. It was all a ‘move this move that’ operation. I can do grunt work. Done it more times in the past, more than I will do in the future. But I can still grunt when needed.

Clash/Big Audio Dynamite weekend continues. London Calling, Combat Rock and No. 10, Upping Street mainly. Sandinista is great and so vast that it might take a whole day and spillover into Monday for I still have the Clash first record and This Is Big Audio Dynamite to digest.

Yes, this is the geek side of John Ozed that I try to conceal and usually succeed but then I meet someone like Mick Jones, or David Bowie, or Metallica, or Brian Eno and then it’s gush gush gush. I had kept my cool with everyone except for Mick Jones actually. Regarding Metallica, I wasn’t a fan, just hung out on their dime.

Ran into Carla and Karen from London’s Wanker Banker offices. They were planning to go out for dinner tonight and I was invited but I wasn’t such good shape and neither were they actually. So I begged off successfully.

I did muster enough strength to make it to the Virgin Megastore in Times Square as I was heading home. Bought ‘The Essential Clash’ DVD to complete the collection. More dosh for Mick Jones. And the others. One good thing about the Clash, midway through their career, they credited all their songs to the Clash, distributing publishing royalties amongst each member.

That is something that actually breaks many bands up. Queen was like that and they survived, it was a wedge that broke up Talking Heads though.

So hanging out with Julio, subjecting him to Clash videos which he enjoys, so that’s a good thing. I subjected Bill to the Clash last night somewhat and this morning he was inundated with them. One of the High Fidelity aspects that could be applied to me. One who loves music so much and who can identify somewhat to the book by Nick Hornby and the movie starring John Cusack, and pushes really great music onto various friends and partners. I don’t think they mind. Though I recognize some rock snob qualities in myself, I do appreciate when they turn me onto new music as well. The two of them among a few others.