Daily Archives: February 26, 2006


It’s Sunday again. Not much to do. Very cold and windy out. Another day of hunkering down and watching TV. Bill and I assume the positions on the futon, remote control between us. We watched Sleeper and The Three Amigos, not that one, this was three Mexican comedians. The last one, Carlos Mencia has a show on Comedy Central. He was the funniest, probably why he was last in the line up.

Clash weekend continues. All I listened to this weekend was Clash/Big Audio Dynamite related. Even got two videos from BAD. Have all the Clash videos already, you see.

Bill and I just watched the Simpsons. A ‘My Fair Lady’ rip off/tribute featuring a lot of Grounds Keeper Willie. It was ok. A few laughs, but not enough Homer. Now we’re watching ‘I, Robot’ which I saw at a free screening when it came out. It’s an ok movie, never read the book. Not big on the Science Fiction stuff, you know.

Just waiting for the Sopranos. The new season is going to start in a week or two and we want to catch up. We both love the show, I especially do since they film a lot of the exteriors around where I grew up. That’s always interesting to see Tony Soprano drive his SUV past where I used to ride my bicycle.

James Gandolfini’s father used to be the grounds keeper at my high school. How’s that for a tie in?

Did my weekend chores which means there are racks of clothes drying in the kitchen. Takes about 24-36 hours for them to dry completely. Not complaining at all since that is preferable to lugging up a sack of laundry to and from the Laundromat. I have certainly been there and done that.

So it’s back to work tomorrow. The first Monday in three weeks I will be in. I think I have a relative grip on things. The other offices that visited will have gone back to their homes. I am interested in what the fall out from the meetings and team building exercises will be.

Will the Persian Bitch get her comeuppance? It was noticed by a large group of people that she is most uncooperative. I can hope and I can be disappointed either by their action or by their inaction.

Not really hung up about it. I do have a good feeling though. Bill’s on the phone talking to his wonderful cousin Carmen. I mention him for I just overheard Bill talking about how I like to do research. It’s funny, I helped him finish his sentences. The funny part is he just helped me finished these sentences. One hand washes the other.

Tomorrow is our return to the wonderful word of couple’s therapy. I am not the master of my domain. Fell off the wagon so to speak. Damn wagon has greasy steps. On the wagon again. Not so much a need for being so masterful when Bill’s lying in bed with me and I fall asleep listening to his breathing. It’s when he’s not around when the deed to the domain is in serious danger. But so far, for a lazy Sunday, I am still master of my domain.