Daily Archives: February 18, 2006

Jing Jing

Members of the Local Pipers Union 154 made an appearance today. I couldn’t avoid them and today they collected their fees. You see, if you wanna dance you gotta pay the piper. They arrived around 10 this morning and became readily apparent by 11. Julio felt the same way when I saw him this morning.

It was a long cold day. Watched Dick Cavett DVD’s featuring Sly and the Family Stone and Joni Mitchell among others. Tried watching it the night before but Julio and I found the Jefferson Airplane to be tedious and sapped what ever interest there might be in watching the rest of the disc.

Tonight we tried watching Sandra Bernhart’s ‘Without You I’m Nothing’. I saw that in the eighties with my brother Frank and Martha Keavney in a workshop in Chelsea. Very funny then, a little bit funny now. Julio wasn’t feeling it so I ejected. I had cooked a big dinner of chicken, penne pasta and tomato and cheese sauce.

We were both stuffed after two servings a piece, and we were both hung over from the night before, so it was couch surfing for the evening.

Earlier in the evening we had gone to Secaucus to Marty’s Shoe Outlet so Julio could buy some boots. He knew I’d want to go, thinking I had a shoe fetish. I had to explain to him that I don’t have a shoe fetish. I like shoes, I don’t lick shoes. He knows quite a bit, if not too much about my sexual proclivities. Why would I deny him that tidbit?

Right now, watching the Celluloid Closet by Vito Bruno on Logo, the gay channel. Great footage and subtext from movies since the twenties or thirties. Now Armistead Maupin is on talking about the movies, ‘Cabaret’. I once got into an online battle over my dislike for the movie. My main sticking point was how the movie won Best Picture, over ‘The Godfather’.

‘The Godfather’ is a classic that I can watch time and time again. Beautiful to look at and there are so many layers to the story. ‘Cabaret’ isn’t like that. I saw ‘Cabaret’ on Broadway a few years ago when it featured Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh and thought it was brilliant. The movie was quite a letdown.

So some guy from the chat room was very upset and got into a flaming battle. I explained that the then current version on Broadway was superior to the 1972 movie. I think he was a major Liza Minelli fan and took offense. It was bizarrely funny and I never saw him again online so I suppose I might have won that one.

So look out and don’t question my taste.

I’m joking. My taste in my opinion is questionable. I am that tuna, that not only tastes great, but also tastes good. From what I’ve heard that is. And I won’t say anymore on that matter. Having said that, I bid you a good night.