Mensforth Hill

Bad sleep patterns last night despite exhaustion. I was so tired I crashed in my long johns and fleece. Of course I eventually took them off but I was physically exhausted and after the therapy last night, somewhat drained. Oh Mick Jones where are you when I need you? And what’s with the restraining order?

I shuffled off to work early enough sans skully. Since I was losing so much body heat through an uncovered head I didn’t sweat so much as I shuffled and hustled my way to work. Met Tony and got the egg sandwich that I hadn’t gotten in a few weeks. Needed some fuel since I didn’t have my usual breakfast at home boo fuckin hoo.

I finished off my Clash/Big Audio Dynamite fixation by playing their first album. For some reason, ‘Complete Control’ brings a lump to my throat and a tear to the eye. It always had, something about the way Joe Strummer sings with such passion. The song I identify with a lot is actually ‘White Man (In the Hammersmith Palais)’. About going to a reggae show and expecting incendiary songs about revolution and instead getting a lot of razzle dazzle and choreographed dance steps. Yes, I’ve been the White Man (on Nostrand Avenue).

Work was torturous, what with no errands and Persian Bitch and Fat Harpy circling the ceiling. Stuck indoors and just feeling like crap from lack of proper sleep. Usual psychodrama bullshit and I am just as tired of writing about it as you are reading it I’m sure.

Bill called several times, contrite which was nice but not necessary. Everyone has bad days, crap days. You get through them and it’s ok. But then again, I have called him terribly contrite after being nasty to him, or so I perceive. It was nice to hear that he loves loves loves me. I know he does but to actually hear it means a lot.

I am so sick of these adorable kids on television commercials behaving rather snotty or too wise beyond their years. They’re too young to be acting so it’s probably their real personalities. And now that they’re bring home some cash, they get told to play it up all the time.

Oh, like I know.

Gilmore Girls is on and has once again captured my attention. I’ve been watching the show forever. Since it was on Fridays right before an even funnier and better show called Popular. Popular was cancelled due to unpopularity. Gilmore’s got funnier and wittier. Still hooked into it. Love Lauren Graham. It has been getting a bit melodramatic lately now that Rory is going to Yale.

Like a soap opera with references to Dorothy Parker. Lauren Graham gets the best lines and delivers them well. Alexis Bledel who plays Rory tries admirably, but can’t pull it off like Lauren Graham.

Now it’s Scrubs, which is a dynamite show. So it’s come to this, reviewing shows as they unfold before me. Totally television without pity.

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