I Hung My Head

Now- Ooh La by the Kooks is playing. A good song. I initially thought it was Phoenix. I don’t think the Kooks are French though.

I did have one thing right today. Yesterday was such a good day, a fun day at work that I knew that today would not be like that at all. And it wasn’t. It certainly was a long arduous day.

Last night was alright, I got home and spent some time with Bill who was tired, but stayed awake for me to come home. It was greatly appreciated, and he was soon fast asleep. I stayed up, watched Colbert, followed by 30 Rock and then The Office before bed. I had forgotten how The Office was a bit mean spirited when it first broadcast.

Now Rufus Wainwright is singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. I watched a video of Rufus’ latest song which features Helena Bonham Carter and I have come to the conclusion that maybe Rufus is better heard rather than seen. Also hearing about he might have been escorted from a party in West Hollywood in handcuffs a few weeks ago left me thinking how he should really get his act together and stop molesting go go boys.

Of course it’s all hearsay since I wasn’t there but a Facebook friend was, and you know that they don’t lie. A dear truthful Facebook friend, someone I know has gotten in touch with me. Steve Fallon will be in Hoboken last week so that gives me hope. he’s such a great guy, I couldn’t resist a chance to see him. He’s coming up for The Baseball Project, a group of known and semi known names, but I bet the majority of people will be there to see Steve.

I also got an invite from Steve to visit him in Rehoboth soon. I must make arrangements to do so. I figure I’d be going without Bill though with Bill would be ideal. I also have to figure out how to get to there from here. I’m quite sure NJ Transit does not make trips to DE. It would probably be an overnight trip I guess.

I am home now. Bill is asleep with a headache. He asked me to wake him when I came home and I shook his foot and announced I was home. He mumbled something, then I gave him a kiss which roused him a bit from slumber. Not enough though. He said he needed to get up but it’s probably best to let him sleep.

Tomorrow I have a physical scheduled with a doctor I hadn’t seen since 2004. I’d been seeing a doctor I have little respect for and finally decided to go back to Dr. 2004. Nothing major happening but since I am approaching 50, it’s probably for the best to see exactly what is under the hood. I am not stressed out about this at all since nothing seems wrong. I am happy that if there is any blood work to be done, he will extract the blood in his office rather than send me to Journal Square in Jersey City.

That’s it, I’m tired and hungry.

a friend's band, playing Maxwells 4.6.2012

04 – Yes – I’ve Seen All Good People_Your Move

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