Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

I Did It All

Another crazy ass day, very interesting to say the least. It started out raining when I woke up, Bill kissing me goodbye. He looked quite nice to my sleepy eyes at 6:30. I got out of bed a while later, shuffled over to the kitchen, making coffee, pouring cereal and stepping into the shower. Soon after that I was fully dressed and headed to the bus stop.

Yesterday as I approached the bus stop a guy was standing there drinking a vitamin water and when he finished it he threw it in a nearby bush with a garbage can merely 10 feet away from him. I fished the empty bottle out of the bush and showed it to him, telling him there was a garbage can for that sort of thing.

He didn’t say much, merely grunted. He got on the 10:15 bus as I smoked a small cigar and waited for the 10:30 bus. He was there again this morning, not drinking his vitamin water this time. I hope I don’t see him every day, two days in a row was enough for me.

A few stops after I got on, Lois’ husband Fred got on. Once again it was Thursday and time for Fred to get his new books. We exchanged stories regarding retail and customers. He won that round. After getting an iced coffee I headed in a little early since Thomas texted me, telling me he was running late. I opened his drawer and started the day off nicely.

Bradley was busy checking stock so I covered the floor until Thomas made it in. Calvin was out somewhere and expected in the afternoon. Some bullshit came through regarding hurricane Irene and corporate headquarters. Are we getting paid for the days we were closed or not. Calvin said yes, headquarters said no.

Thomas took the lead on the behalf of the staff and maintained a very heavy emailing back and forth with regards to all that. It was not raining when I went out for lunch and was able to sit on a bench near the park, enjoying a cigar and reading the latest Mojo magazine.

When I was out to lunch, one of the salesmen that frequents our cigar shack came in with very nice gifts for the staff. Apparently we had done a bang up job in the last quarter and were rewarded quite generously. It was for staff and not for management apparently so it turned out to be a good thing when Calvin phoned and said he was not coming in after all.

The mood had lightened up further when some regular customers came in. Turned out they were away and out of the country, one was in Cuba and the other was in the UK. Good to see them both.

The troll like creature waddled in again, with a fresh haircut on his balding dome and once again talking in a stereotypical 1970’s gay lisp. Supposedly it’s OK for him to do that since he has a brother who is gay and the fat little troll also has a closeted roommate. But it’s not OK with me and I celebrated my two week anniversary of not talking or dealing with it.

A nice bus ride home with Denise who I used to see all around town. Now we’re on different schedules so we don’t see each other often enough. We share a birthday or at least used to share a birth date. We’re both born on the same day, different years but now she is a witness for Jehovah so no more birthdays for her. Still it was very good to see her.

A roller coaster of a day and I am quite glad it’s over.