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It’s Up to You

Another lazy day, this time with drizzle!

Wrestling with the prospect of writing and deciding not to, and then eventually finding myself at the keyboard, writing. It’s a nasty habit and you would be ill advised to involve yourself with ink stained wretches like myself.

There’s really no excuse for it. It could have started and usually does, when I don’t have something to read, so instead I just make something else to read. For my own enjoyment. It used to be I’d write something and then squirrel it away never to be seen again.

There are a few notebooks, sometimes fueled by chemicals, alcohol or whatever might have been handy. But that was then and I named names as well as substances and locations.

I don’t do that anymore, names are changed, locations are described in a vague manner and rarely are substances ingested.

I have gone out once today. Too damp, too cold for me. Just mainly staying in. No reason to go out you see.

And I only went out to get some coffee at Dunkin Donuts. They have a sale on pounds of coffee and they’re way cheaper than Empire Coffee. I do like Empire Coffee but rarely go there anymore. I like to support the local businesses but when something is on sale you just can’t let it slip by.

And maybe there’s a smidgen of resentment since I wasn’t hired to work there when they had a help wanted sign in their window. And it’s just a smidgen anyhow.

Bill came home this morning as expected, after driving to and from Atlantic City. I did take a melatonin tablet last night which aided with sleep and definitely doesn’t lend itself to getting up early. Bill was watching Lawn Hors d’œuvre and I shuffled on past on my way to the shower.

What actually got me out of bed was the realization that I would have to head out to buy some coffee. I knew that yesterday but forgot all about it until this morning. So after a reheated cup from what was left in the pot from yesterday I felt steeled enough to go outside.

And it was raining and I had no umbrella and wasn’t about to climb four flights of steps again. It wasn’t raining too hard, just a steady drizzle. After buying the newspaper I came home and it’s where I’ve been all day, and perhaps will be here until tomorrow.

It’s certainly cheaper to stay home and do nothing rather than go out and spending money. The Pacific & Treme are on tonight and so I will more than likely watch both.

Right now I am watching John Jacob Niles and Odetta in a Folk Music Arm Wrestling series from 1959. My money would have been on Odetta, but John Jacob Niles had proven himself to be quite the formidable opponent.

Times were certainly different then. Or perhaps the era was different and the times remain the same.
Or they’re a changing. It’s up to you.

Napping Bill

Napping Bill