Your Own Worst Enemy

Been a muggy day today. Quite hummus. It just rained for a minute or two. Sky is dark grayish. Been a long sweaty day. Not complaining though. Last night was comedy on NBC and it was entertaining. Bill was actually home to watch most of them.

Community was good, but not as good as the previous week. Parks and Recreation was funnier than it’s been. Who knew Rob Lowe would make such a difference. And the other guy, who’s name I forget from Party Down, the very funny show on Starz channel, even funnier.

The Office was merely OK, but 30 Rock was the best. I suppose it changes week to week, one show funnier than the rest with Parks & Recreation usually coming in last.

This just in, is a rip off and not worth your time. I just wanted to add that since they never publish my reviews, so therefore it is safe to assume they suck. Don’t got there!

From one window on my right, I see the sun heading towards the west. On the left gray skies ominously approach. I am about to head out to pick up Bill’s laundry. Hopefully one step ahead of the storm.

And I was more than a few steps ahead of the storm. Just a lot of rumbling in the distance, but not much action going on here.

I heard from Pedro earlier today. His mom is now in the hospital. He needed me to look into hotel rates so that he can stay closer to the hospital instead of two hours away in Otisville. I was able to get him a good rate on a hotel near the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee.

Cheaper since I called, cheaper than the online price that was quoted.

Somehow we got on the subject of suits and ties and he’s now totally into the concept. He’s had a few reasons to wear a suit the past week or so and found that he gets even more respect while in a suit and tie as opposed to just showing off his muscles.

We sort of made a plan to go suit shopping one of these days. That would be hot. Yes, I said it. He’s hot and to see him all suited up would be even hotter. He knows how I feel. After all he’s the one who showed me a full frontal shot a few years ago that sobered me right up.

Of course it was fleeting glance, he showed it once again and would not send it to my phone. I was impressed though. Impressed enough to write about almost 3 years later. What can I say? I love the guy. And not in that way, but in the other way. The difference is in how you interpret it.

So Bill is off driving a bus to Amish country, Lancaster Country. He wasn’t too happy about it, but that’s how the wheels on the bus go round and round.

For some reason Hot Stuff by Donna Summer has been playing through my head today so I thought I would post the video here. And yes, I also thought of The Full Monty, when the guys are in the queue for their dole collection.

Lawn Hors d’œuvre canceled!

I might not write this weekend. Just because.

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