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Day After Tomorrow

Heat rises. As I climb the four flights of steps it’s readily noticeable. Top floor, my floor is like an oven. Nowhere for the heat to go. There is no Now/Here. It’s been in the 90 degree range today. Quite oppressive.

I would prefer 20 degrees less but what can I do? It’s supposed to be like that tomorrow but with that temperature drop there will be rain. Or blood. Or a reign of blood.

I’ve noticed that my mind is more prepared for the new job on top of the Empire State Building that I am somehow. Last night as the 11:00 news was on I found myself getting ready for bed, which is about 2 hours earlier than it’s been the past 9 months.

I know I’ve been out of work 10 months and change but the first month of being out of work I still had that routine. Then somewhere in the past 10 months I was up watching Craig Ferguson until the end. The other night he had Ben Stein on so I didn’t watch, so maybe it started then.

Going to bed earlier meant waking up earlier and that meant around 8:00. I was refreshed, not groggy. I had to head into the new job and pick up some paperwork to fill out so I could properly start next week.

Don’t you ever stop, long enough to start/get your car outta that gear!

Showered and did my thing and was soon on a crowded bus. I gave up my seat so a woman and her kids could sit and sat next to guy who very much did not want to sit next to me. So much so that I had to ask him to move so I could sit.

Oh how I miss that commute. I had better get my machete cleaned up.

Walked up to the 86th floor, regretfully no giant apes around. Got my paperwork and talked shop. Asked if it would be alright if I brought my suit in a bag and changed it there since I tend to sweat like a horse when the summer arrives. They had no problem with it.

They did mention that I could wear a Guyabera like I was wearing today when I work on weekends. No shorts though. That’s fine with me. The unknown is before me and though I anticipate it, I’m not terribly worried. It’s nothing I haven’t done before.

Saw Bill after that. I love him. He loves me. He drives me crazy. I probably drive him crazy. Last night Bill was feeling like he was ill, had a cold he said. Today he seemed fine. But last night not so good.

He bought me some Godiva truffles once again. He’s spoiled me. The past 3 weeks, each time I’ve seen him he’s bought me Godiva truffles, so I’ve come to expect it. I walked him back to his office and I know he is thrilled that I have a job once again.

The Path train was fairly empty and the air conditioning was kicking. Walked along the waterfront when I got back to Hoboken. Some function going on, on Pier A. No Tariq in sight and it was too hot to go back and get the guitar and head back out again so I came home and had lunch.

Ran into Stine. Today is her birthday, AND IT’S HARPY’S BIRTHDAY AS WELL. I left a note on the apartment door wishing a happy birthday to Stine and I thought I wrote it in Danish using Google translate, but actually it was in Dutch. The price you pay when you use Google translate without having had a cuppa.

Just got back from spending some time with Rand. He suggested meeting up so I went out. We talked about a lot of things, including what was bothering me. It cleared the air and I’m glad we met up.

I have just returned from a walk around Hoboken and checked out the Memorial Day parade.


It’s Hoboken and they do things their own way. More marchers than spectators and there are fewer veterans with each passing year.
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the few remaining members...

the few remaining veterans from back then...