Daily Archives: May 24, 2010

Day-O (Banana Boat Song)

The day after. The first day of the week. As Bill put it last night, my last week of freedom. Oh I hated to hear that, but then again it wasn’t like it was a sweet freedom. Nae, far from it.

Stress upon stress and the occasional depression. And working at the Scientology Center seems like the way to go. Got my E-Meter all set and I have the Dianetics book and audio book.

I played guitar for about an hour or so before it got drizzly. Tariq stopped by, he was on his way back to his studio. He hung out after playing a song for a young hottie from the Wiley building. The song was Staind. Or by Staind. I don’t know. He did a good job of it though.

After young hottie moved on Tariq asked me to play some songs so I did. Each time I finished one he would ask for another. We wound up leaving together, I left him at 7 Star Pizza as I walked around the park instead of through it. Too many kids just out of school.

Last night was the Lost finale. I am of two minds of the show. There were some truly touching scenes, tear inducing segments. Jin & Sun, Charlie & Claire, Sayid & Shannon. Juliet & Sawyer was the reunion that gt me misty as well as having me applaud at the commercial break. The separation of the two of them was truly heartbreaking and it was so emotional when they met again.

I think it was even more resonant than Jack & Kate. Their sad farewell on the cliffs was quite nice, better than their own reunion in the alternate universe.

The look on Jin & Sun’s faces when Sawyer walked into the hospital room was humorous. The best though was definitely Jack & Hugo. The anguish of Hugo when he realized that he would probably never see Jack again was so sad.

The bond, the love between them for each other was palpable. And even the scene between Hugo & Ben was nice, in both universes, sadder outside the hall. Ben staying outside, Hugo going back in. With all the shit Ben threw on the Lost people, there’s no way they could justify having Ben in there, even though Ben had a few changes of heart the past season.

The score reminded me of Lord of the Rings, specifically the ending of Return of the King. Maybe that’s just me, but it seemed quite similar though the emotions the music conjures were certainly very close.

I read on JoeMyGod, a comment that mentioned it was 6 seasons of Our Town. For me, it was An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, the longest nano-second. Chris Stein of Blondie wrote on Facebook that it was a cop out, using The Sixth Sense plot line.

Did anyone notice Sawyer & Miles on the plane, when Sawyer boarded as they were escaping the island?

Miles: Way to wait till the last second.
Sawyer: Good to see you too Enos.

Sawyer called Miles, Enos in the alternate universe and as far as I know on the island life, Miles was always Miles.

With all the good performances from the cast, the ending was rather flat. I would give the acting an ‘A’, but overall it gets dragged down to a ‘B’ with the ending.

I’ve seen it twice and I appreciated it a little bit more today than I did yesterday but then again once again I was moved by the performances.

I never saw Star Trek: generations but it was remarked that Locke’s death resembled Kirk’s passing. I will have to ask Bill about that.

What did you all think?

SO, when does the movie come out?