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I Don’t Owe You Anything

Humpy humpy hump day. That means it’s Wednesday oh invisible readers. Some of you might be strung out on GHB and don’t know what day it is, you know, out on Fire Island, party party party. I’ve never been so I have no idea and I freely admit that and by freely I mean it didn’t cost me one thin dime goddammit. No one has ever asked me to go out there and it’s just as well because if you know me (and if you know me only through this blog you don’t really know me at all), you know that I can’t abide by that house music.

Bill’s father’s feet aren’t swollen anymore and he’s now at a rehab facility in Greenwich Village. Bill thinks it’s a great place and easy for him to bring his mother from the East Village to the West Village. Bill’s mom is going crazy though without her husband of forty plus years so the present plan is for Bill to stay with her until his dad come home from rehab. I suggested that to Bill last week and he came up with the very same idea the other day. As long as he gets the message, I suppose thats the idea.

Didn’t do much of anything last night. Watched a two hour special about Saturday Night Live’s first five years. I remembered a lot. I also remember accidentally watching the first show hosted by George Carlin. My brother Brian and I watched it for some reason. I usually watched wrestling on channel 9 n Saturday nights back then. Bruno Sammartino, and my favorite, Mil Mascaras. He looked great and had a million masks hence his name, Mil Mascaras. I wonder if that’s where my fascination with men in speedos comes from? Maybe wrestling wasn’t on that night, and brother Brian wasn’t beating me up at that moment, but we watched something new and different. At least for us.

They had a few people from back then, most of the original cast that’s still alive, except for Jane Curtin who I really liked. Everyone has gotten old. I’m certainly not the the 13 boy I was then. At least not age -wise. Or physically. Ok, I too have gotten older. Happy? Brother Frank was out of the house, Annemarie was probably in a disco and Mom and Dad were getting drunk at the VFW. Why was Brian home? He was 18. He too should have been out drinking. Odd to just think of that now, and in such a disjointed manner.

I also downloaded some stuff legally through iTunes. There is a free Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band track and it’s pretty good. I initially tried to get it, but my shopping cart was full and I needed to unloaded or buy some items. I bought Patrick Cleandenim, Baby Comes Home and The Knife, Silent Shout. And the Springsteen single. Patrick Cleandenim is good, a bit jazzy and he reminds me of Rufus. He sings about girls so I guess he’s straight. Elton sang about girls, but he was closeted then. Juan, the heartbreak kid, turned me onto The Knife (which is an odd thing to read), and that was pretty good. Can’t see them being played in the clubs but Juan does. Maybe they play it on Fire Island. Bruce’s single is very good and for free it makes it excellent. Could be free for a week only and here it is Wednesday so you better get moving.

I have a lot of things in my shopping cart.

This was my reply to someone named Kelly on a New York Times blog. It went unpublished though an earlier comment was published.

Kelly:I get so amused at how some folks just adamently proclaim with all the authority they can possibly muster, “It’s not a choice!!” How do they know?

We know, Kelly because we have been though it ourselves mostly. And yes, we’re pretty adamant about it.

Kelly: What is their objective source of fact that forms the foundation of their pontifications?

The objective source is right there in the mirror in front of you. What choice did you make when you decided on your sexuality?

Kelly: If homosexual behavior is not a choice, why do homosexual proponents just go ballistic over attempts by parents to shield their kids attending public schools from this destructive behavior?

Because homosexual behavior is as destructive as heterosexual behavior, Kelly. They really should learn about both sides shouldn’t they?

Kelly: It’s got every mark of full fledged recruitment…yet it’s not a choice?? Give me a break.

I was raised by straight parents, in a straight neighborhood, went to Catholic schools where I was taught by straight teachers, all the while in a straight society, where I was told endlessly that being gay is wrong and destructive, while having to watch men and women kiss and couple and do all the sort of things that you take for granted today.

I think the straight recruiting methods failed, because I am gay, happy and not destructive.

Is anything broken yet, Kelly? I am hoping you are happy with your choice of sexuality, I know I am despite the obstacles and hatred shown towards gay people.

They posted my reply which was in effect a reply to Kelly, not the original topic. But Kelly just pissed me off so much I felt I had to say something.
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