Daily Archives: August 4, 2007

Just A Gigolo

It sure is hot. It’s been in the nineties for a few days now. Yesterday I played hooky, planning on going to Sandy Hook with Juan. That didn’t happen since his alternator stopped working the night before. I had a feeling deep down Sandy Hook wasn’t going to happen, when on Thursday, he was asking me about car batteries since his battery light went on on his dashboard. I had other things on my mind on Thursday, like about how to get to my cousin Jackie’s wake. I figured that out soon enough and found myself in Yonkers that evening.

So I woke up Friday morning, and got Juan’s email about his car troubles. After that I wandered around Hoboken but it was too hot to do anything, and no one was around to do anything with. Story of my life. I sat around the apartment in my underwear since it was about the only thing cool enough to wear, and I do love my boxer briefs anyhow, cotton/lycra blend and all. I watched Rushmore again, which I really love. I remember seeing that one afternoon, a few winters ago with Julio. I guess we were both off from work that day and found ourselves on the upper west side. We ran into see Rushmore to get in from the cold and we both loved it. Then we went to another theater and saw Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett which was also very good. A sequel is coming out soon which looks just as good and features the showdown with Spain which changed world history somewhat, with the Spanish Armada looking formidable in the trailers.

Juan came over last night and we watched The Host, a Korean horror thriller which surprisingly hasn’t been remade as an American flick yet. Initially we watched it dubbed in English which was horrible, then we switched to Korean with English subtitles. It’s worth seeing if you like a modern day take on the monster genre. Heard from Annemarie who drove down to San Francisco with Rex and Earl. Juan and I polished off two six packs of Stella Artois throughout the movie and then while Juan was playing DJ with his iPod. Somehow in our drinking of Belgian beer, he lost his iPod songs. He blames my Sharepod program, I have nothing I could blame it on.

Juan slept over and I tried to fulfill my promise to wake him up and get him out of the apartment so he could go to work somehow. Woke up at 7:00, then 8:00 then finally we were both up and at it by 9:30 or so. That was fun. I went back to bed once he left and I got up around 2:00. There was once again a plan to see a movie with Billie tonight, but I wasn’t feeling that up for it and it turned out neither was Billie since he was just as hungover as I was, if not worse.

So tomorrow is the plan to see The Simpsons Movie. As for today, this is the only activity I plan on doing, and now it is done.