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You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

It’s back to work for me and back to school for some. Earl in particular went back to school today, starting his Junior year of High School. Class rings and cars. Annemarie is glad he’s going and not driving her (with a learning permit) up the friggin walls in Arcata. Tears were shed and I think they were belonging to Annemarie. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning. I remember high school, it was ages ago and a little bit painful at school and at home. But I don’t want to go there. It was a different world then.

Last night didn’t do anything. Didn’t do anything during the day so why should the night be any different? Bill came home earlier than expected. He immediately went to work trying to clean things up a bit and I sat at the computer, watching ‘Oliver!’ in fragmented form on Netflix. You can watch movies directly on your computer and for some reason I chose ‘Oliver!’. Maybe it’s because it was one of the first movies I saw. It’s about two and a half hours, I’m surprised it held my attention for that amount of time. ♫ ‘Consider yourself, at home! Consider yourself, part of the furniture. We’ve taken to you so strong, it’s clear, we’re, going to get along!’♪ That’s about all I could remember.

Watched The Big Lebowski again. It was on cable and I got drawn in and once again, I got confused. There are moments in the movie I like but overall, I lose the plot. It’s not as good as Raising Arizona, or Fargo, or Oh Brother, Where Art Thou. Those are the best of Joel and Ethan Cohen. I do like their movies, I just don’t go to the cinema to watch them. Such a bad cinephile.

Work was ok. Nothing home about. Carla the receptionist had a second interview somewhere, so she has one eye on the door. I’d hate to lose her, and I do know that Tom Chin, Greg Stevens and Vivek don’t want to see her go, but I’ve discussed this with Tom and Greg, and they were supposed to discuss it with Vivek but summer vacations and all made it impossible for that to happen and so Carla goes out on an interview. The plan was to get her to stay until the end of the year, then let her go in January when her prospects of getting into the fashion industry might be that much better than they are now. But no one is talking and Carla is balking.

Carla’s friend Millie, might fill Carla’s shoes should Carla leave. I met Millie on Saturday on Governors Island and she seemed good enough though I wasn’t thinking about Carla leaving then. I left work at the usual time, having a Padron 500 natural and grooving to Blonde on Blonde. Great record to walk around Manhattan to, which is cool since parts of it were written in New York City. Speaking of that decade, it was 40 years ago today that Brian Epstein died while the Beatles were in Bangor, Wales with the Maharishi. Poor sad fucked up Brian. A month later homosexuality was legalized in Great Britain.

Here’s some gay related news from 365Gay.com

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