Daily Archives: August 14, 2007

The View From The Afternoon

Oh what a weird day this has been. Is Mercury in retrograde? Tis the season you know, or so I’ve been told. Had a fun talk with Harpy last night. He’s proving to be my editor and a decent one at that. A regular Perry White he is. He gave me the suggestion to not write about getting bagels everyday which I don’t do, only on Saturdays and Sundays, which could be the only time he actually reads this blog. Actually Harpy and Kathe are the only subscribers I have, everyone else reads at their own pace. Subscribers get this everyday, or a notification in their email. Harpy’s latest good idea is to provide captions when I post photographs. I do listen to what he has to say and looking forward to making suggestions to his blog. I’m not holding my breath.

Bill actually washed the bed sheets yesterday and that is something that requires a dryer, not drying on racks throughout the apartment. Clean sheets made for a good night’s sleep and that is what I had, making it extremely difficult to wake up this morning. But I struggled and got out of bed after Bill kissed me good bye for the day. Shower etc just like most everyone else in this metropolitan area, meaning us working stiffs. The day felt odd from the get go. Uneventful bus ride, no thinking in the back of my head that a terrorist attack was about to happen, which sometimes floats through my consciousness.

Once again I was the first one in the office, starting up the machines, changing into a dry undershirt, making coffee. People once again came in. Tomorrow is Greg Stevens birthday and since Tom Chin was going to be out tomorrow, we had a little celebration today. It was a beautiful day, the weather forecasters saying that this would be the best day weather wise this week and for once they were right. I didn’t mind wandering around midtown buying champagne, cup cakes and a birthday card. I arranged for a small soirée towards the end of the day. These little get togethers are usually good for morale and relaxes most everyone. Most everyone.

Three of the guys, Larry, Moe and Curly seemed a bit standoffish. I asked Carla to walk around the office with a birthday card for everyone to sign, and apparently one of the stooges had a problem with that, saying that signing the card would mean that he likes Greg Stevens. I had no idea that there was this animosity towards Greg. I’ve known Greg since 2002 and he’s always been a nice guy, very kind. Never heard anyone say a bad word about him until today.

Larry, the lead stooge just sat at the conference table working with his papers, while we drank champagne and ate cup cakes. And of course Moe and Curly just stood around and brooded which did little to dampen our spirits. What jerks though. If you don’t want to be there, then don’t be there. Larry and Moe were the ones going to Maryland tomorrow and Larry was the one who shouted from his office (as I was telling Moe the info on the trip) that he would set up the itinerary himself. Carla the receptionist congratulated Moe on his recent engagement to his girlfriend. Moe just shrugged. Carla also told me that I was finding out that most of these guys are jerks. Carla once again was right. She and I aren’t going to get involved in this office bullshit. I think aligning ourselves with the president of the company is a good idea. And Greg Stevens is that president. Forget Larry, Moe and Curly. Turd blossoms indeed.