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I Hate Boys

Another day another doofus but today is different, filled with considerable worry. Bill’s been ill still and this afternoon while working in the cigar shack, in the walk in humidor, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face was playing and I started to get really bummed out. More than usual since I am not that fond of the song, but it really hit a chord this afternoon. Made me think about the unthinkable.

I am prone to worrying and I worry about Bill a lot. What else am I supposed to do? He is my partner, my spouse and that is what spouses are supposed to do. Look out for and look after each other. I don’t mind doing it for him, and I really can’t stand it when Bill worries about me.

Last night when I came home, Bill was fast asleep. I gave him a kiss once I changed my clothes which woke him up and I reassured him that there was no need to stay awake. Just a kiss to let him know I was home. Apparently I was too adorable this morning when he was leaving, not sure if he tried to wake me up but I did get a kiss.

I called him as I headed to the temporary bus stop and he sounded weary from the lack of sleep. I didn’t stay too long on the phone with Bill since I would be calling him again in the upcoming hour. The bus ride was uneventful, a tour of Bloomfield Street up to Eleventh Street, past Rand & Lisa’s building. Washington Street is still closed to buses until the tear down the burnt out building at Third and Washington.

The cigar shack wasn’t exactly hopping and I thought that may have been from it being Ash Wednesday or as I like to call it Memento Mori day. I mean I think about it almost every day so I don’t need to walk around with a dirty forehead to remind myself of that.

A little more than a half hour left in the day at the cigar shack. Tomorrow is a day off and the plan is to attempt for the last time a visit to the Doug Wheeler exhibition in Chelsea with my niece Corinne. The plan is to get going around noon and hopefully we’ll get in this time and if not there will be plenty of other art galleries to visit.

I am not so sure that Corinne has ever done anything like this so it should be fun. I have the latest New Yorker so I will have to check to see if anything is going on. A Warhol exhibition would be a lot of fun. And it will be fun just bopping around Manhattan with Corinne anyhow. I certainly hope that the weather will be good. That is all I can ask for. The forecast is calling for evening showers and that is fine with me since I am sure that both Corinne and I will be back in our homes by then.

Amy Goodman just walked by. Thomas who was filling like he had a cold was starting to get snippy so I got out of the shack as soon as I could. Then I ran into him on the subway platform and he was fine.

I am glad to be home. Bill is fast asleep and whether or not he’s been getting out of bed to go to the bathroom remains to be seen. I hope he gets a good night of sleep and I hope I get a good night of sleep. Busy day tomorrow.

3 Days later, the announcement is made.

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