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I Feel So Bad

Rave on, rave on and tell me/Tell me not to be lonely/Tell me you’re the only one for me… That Buddy Holly song just popped into my head. It was quite nice and I thought I would share it with you. It was another day off and tomorrow is day one of 5 days straight.

I’ve been trying not to think about it, but when I have a cigar, I’d remember. Then I realize that I’m at home, not at work and therefore I have nothing to worry about. I try not to think about work when I’m not there and I don’t even want to talk about it, even with Bill. So why am I writing about it then? There are no easy answers so it’s probably best to move on.

Last night I didn’t do much of anything. There was nothing worth watching on TV, 557 channels and nothing on. The high point of the night was probably the Colbert Report. And it was good. MY schedule now is that I watch the 11:00 news then the Colbert Report at 11:30.

After that I watched a documentary on PBS about James Taylor and Carole King and the Troubadour club in Hollywood. It was good enough to play in the background. I’ve worked with both Carole King and James Taylor in the past and found them both very nice, down to earth people.

So much so I remember James Taylor berating me for smoking Gauloises saying that he used to smoke them and had to give them up since they would have ruined his smooth voice. Me, I wasn’t singing so I didn’t care, and nowadays Gauloises are impossible to get here in the United States of America.

With Carole King, I mentioned that I had seen her daughter Louise Goffin perform the week before. I stopped midway through when Russ Kunkle, Danny Kortchmar and Leland Sklar were jamming on stage, some basic blues number.

Today was another sunny and cold day. I was awoken by the street being torn up outside of my building. I cursed as I got out of bed, after figuring out that a comforter makes for a very poor sound reducer. Some coffee needed to be made as well as removing the clothes hanging up in the bathroom so I could take a shower.

Once again I was soon headed to Washington Street, getting the paper and some bagels. Also another trip to the supermarket was needed. A sale on Raisin Bran, 2 for $4.00 got me to stock up for the end times. One wants to be regular when being taken away by the rapture or when Mayan hijinks that are supposed to ensue.

I also called my brother Frank and chatted with him for a while, called Connie down the shore and left a voice mail message and also spoke with Jane up in Woodstock for almost an hour despite having a loud hum for the duration of the call.

But it’s always nice to hear from friends and I hope to see Jane soon and also hear back from Connie, who I hope is alright. And now Bill is home, loud hums from the street out front makes it sound like they’re still working on whatever it is that they’re working on. It’s not affecting us, not at this moment.

And the second part of the Troubadour/James Taylor & Carole King continues. I’m explaining who’s who to Bill and he’s taking it all in. It promises to be a nice quiet night at home once again and you know that can’t be bad.

Radio Gaga

Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon

Just got back from another lovely day outside. Today was even nicer than yesterday. Clear skies, nice temperature. Almost perfect. Last night was mellow, Bill was off rehearsing with his church choir for a big thing on Sunday.

I watched TV, played some bass, some guitar. Watched on 20/20 an episode about Etan Patz who was abducted 30 years ago on his way to the bus stop in Soho. An unresolved story, which is still sad 30 years later.

I remember seeing his 6 year old face on the cover of the Daily News when it happened. Etan’s parents still live in the same loft on Prince Street, perhaps in a vain hope that Etan might return someday.

After that I watched Bill Maher which I thought was tedious. Bill came home when I switched over to the last Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Conan O’Brien was the guest with James Taylor coming out and singing Sweet Baby James, requested by Jay Leno.

Never really cared much for Leno and can’t say that I ever watched a complete episode of the Tonight Show when he was hosting. It was OK overall. I am looking forward to see how Conan holds up on Monday.

Bill stayed up watching Craig Ferguson and I went to bed. I slept in while Bill went off this morning to get the bagels and whatnot. Eventually I got myself together and made some breakfast for myself.

Julio stopped by to get his Frisbee since he and Stine and Alexander were going down the shore with Stine’s sister and her family who are visiting from Denmark.

It was brief visit. I was soon walking up and down the aisles in the supermarket, replenishing the juices that I bought the other day.

Cut back on drinking soda you see, and been I’ve drinking juice lately.

Bill and I had plans to make it into the city to see a friend of his performing at the Lincoln Center library. Nice ride into the city as well as a stroll up Eighth Avenue on a spring afternoon.

We ran into another friend of Bill’s (which sounds like an AA meeting) Jesse and after chatting with her outside the library we all headed in.

The performance was titled When She Was King- D.R.E.D. : Daring Reality Every Day. The artist was Mildred Dred Gerestant who performs as a drag king. Same premise as a drag queen only with the gender reversed. It was a lot of fun, and a few laughs.

Definitely not what I was expecting to say the least.

Bill directed Mildred in her everyday drag in a workshop reading. So that’s how they know each other. It really was an entertaining performance that I would check out again if the circumstances were permitting.

After that Bill and I walked up to Gray’s Papaya and got some hot dogs and headed into Central Park. We wandered over to the skate circle where the disco was in full bloom. Lot’s of the same people that were there 10 years ago are still there skating around in circles.

The DJ was quite good as Bill and I watched from on top of the rocks. There were a few bears opposite on Bear Hill, a few that were probably in the demonstration on Tuesday night. We didn’t stay too long and caught the 1 train from 72nd street to the Path train.

A nice evening walking back to the apartment. Twilight in Hoboken can be quite nice. Now I’m waiting to meet up with Rand and Lois to discuss something that Lois has planned.

I’m not going to get into it right now, but it promises to be a fun endeavor.

heading in...

heading in...

..the city

..the city

Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center

Mildred 'Dred' Gerestant

Mildred 'Dred' Gerestant

Central Parkers

Central Parkers