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Who Is It?

Well today has been a most pleasant kind of day. Last night was a pretty good night as well. Juan had conked out on the couch and when Bill came home he just moved into the bedroom while Bill and I watched the endless stream of Michael Jackson videos and reports.

It was entertaining and called for some good discussions about Michael. How good looking he was as a young man and then- what the hell happened? In that mug shot from 2005 he looked like Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford.

It’s a shame he hated his face so much. Just looking at him during the Off the Wall era he is freakin’ adorable.

We got Juan up in time so Bill could go to sleep and then I kicked his sleepy butt out. No fire detectors going off, all was well.

Woke up around 10:00, did a lot of walking around Manhattan with Juan yesterday plus coming down from my ecstatic adventure on Friday night lead to a very good night’s sleep.

Bill was off to church. He did mention on Friday night walking in the parade with his church on Sunday and in my condition I was very surprised, but yesterday I decided to do it.

To my chagrin last night he decided not to join the parade. It’s his mother’s birthday today (Feliz cumpleanos Elena!) and he wanted to spend time with her after taking her to church. That was more than fine with me.

I got up and had some coffee and went out for the papers. More Michael Jackson videos and reports as well as the print media coverage. I did go out again and walked to Tunes to pick up something for Julio’s birthday.

My first intention was Dark Was The Night, but they didn’t have it in stock. Instead I got a used copy of Bob Dylan’s Tell Tale Signs. I burned a copy of Dark Was The Night, and since I missed Stine’s birthday last month I burned her a copy of The Essential Michael Jackson, figuring since she’s European she probably liked him a lot more that Julio.

Hopefully I’ll get the discs to them tonight. Bill is napping. We’re going to go out for dinner in about a half hour, and then we’ll walk over to the river to watch the fireworks for NYC Pride 2009. It’s the first year that Bill and I didn’t march or do anything in a while.

And this being the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising you’d think we would have done something, but we didn’t. We’re tired. Not to make excuses but we have participated in demonstrations throughout the year.

I did have a last minute thought about joining the Gay Bloggers contingent, aptly numbered as Section 8, but it was too late to motivate. Instead I rode about 5 miles around Hoboken which was good.

I’m going to have to wake Bill up in a few minutes so we could go out to eat. I may be posting some pics later so have a peek in a few hours to see what the world of Hoboken looks like tonight.

Or don’t.

Wearing Juan's Rachel Maddow glasses

Wearing Juan's Rachel Maddow glasses

The Birthday Boy (actually tomorrow)

The Birthday Boy (actually tomorrow)

Jim Mastro, Bill & the funniest girl in the world, Meghan Taylor

Jim Mastro, Bill & the funniest girl in the world, Meghan Taylor

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