Daily Archives: June 4, 2009

Love is Like Oxygen

Just got back from McSwells, a late posting. Only slightly inebriated though which isn’t so bad. Before I write anything else, Bill will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. He’s going to be a Saudi King awarding Jimmy Fallon a medal much like a Saudi King gave a gold necklace to Barack Obama yesterday.

Who knows by the time I post this tonight Jimmy Fallon could have come and gone. Anyway kudos to Bill for landing the gig. I love that guy and I’m damn proud of him. Oh that inebriation…

It was a good visit to McSwells with Rand and our third mind, Susan Shed.

Rand and Susan and myself used to hang out quite a bit, sampling various jazz cigarettes back in the day. The three of us were generally in stitches, laughing hysterically, perhaps because we were actually funny, perhaps because we were all red eyed and jazzy.

Time went on, other interests and people entered our lives and suddenly we weren’t hanging out that much. But both Rand, Susan Shed and myself looked back from time to time and decided, why not meet up again and have a few giggles.

No significant others involved, no need to explain inside jokes. Other names came up, names like Bill, Lisa, Stan, Rita and of course Mr. Lovable, Steve Saporito.

Whatever feelings I might have felt for Steve ages ago are long gone and all I feel is admiration for the big lug. Susan had difficulty accepting that, but that’s her thing not mine. He’s a good guy after all, always was.

Emotions ran deep then, now not so much, if at all. He’s doing well and I’m happy for him.

Susan was herself and how could she be anyone else? Lot’s of laughs, rapid fire chatter. Some gossip about people who we don’t see anymore. Rand had his own gossip about similar people. I had no gossip.

Roda was managing and as always it was good to see him.

Juan is around this weekend and I’m thinking of a return visit to McSwells instead of hanging out here in the apartment. Ideally, a trip to Summerstage or rather the rock by Summerstage to listen to TV on the Radio and Dirty Projectors but right now the weather report is on and they’re talking about a lot of rain. So perhaps staying inside is the way to go.

As always we’ll have to play it by ear. And Juan’s input is important too so if he has an idea, any idea I wouldn’t be averse to it. He has dropped hints about going to the Eagle in the past so if he wants to do that then I guess I’m in.

Rand, Susan and myself all agreed to meet up again, once a month. No significant others. The chemistry is good for three. Any more could be a mistake. It was a good hang with Rand and Susan Shed.

We talked about what to do on July 4th and also discussed seeing Macca at the new Mets stadium. So far that makes Bill, Annemarie, Earl, Rita, Susan, Rand, Lisa and me. Brian and Frank and their spouses are still up in the air. Tickets go on sale June 15th.

I hope they have standing room on the field. That’s what I would going for. I doubt it would be the set up like when the Beatles played in 1965-66, stage at 2nd base, everyone in the stands. I guess it would be like the Who/Clash show in the 1980’s with everyone on the field.

Anyway that’s it. I’m beat. Got to get ready to watch Bill on Jimmy Fallon at 12:35 and here it is 11:35. An hour so be enough time to get ready.