Poetry, Man

You bring the sadness
I’ll bring the madness
Together we’ll have a real fine time

We’ll carry our sorrow
Back into tomorrow
And none will be the wiser

until that day
which we held at bay
will be easily forgotten

for as to you
this much is true
as it is for me.

I wrote that last night. Juan was hoping to come by but I didn’t respond until too late so he stayed home. It doesn’t really mean anything, just having a go at some poetry.

It’s been a low key yet busy kind of day. Laundry and grocery and another night back at Maxwell’s.

I was going to take a nap but I lay in bed and thought about some staffing agencies Fred Nealon emailed me about, which are “more like places to collect staph infections since they’re generally useless” to Fred Nealon.

Staffmark- Used to be decent, not so much anymore. C-

Green Key Resources- Crap company at 32nd and Park Avenue. F

Bayview Consulting- More crap, circle jerks a specialty. D

Millennium Group- with a name like that, they probably had more of an impact in the 1990’s. Now archaic. D

Bacharach Group- People working in an office that is decaying with each keystroke. C.

Addison Group- Ineffectual website. Really, what’s the point? D

Core Staffing Services- Featuring Bobby Russo. Half hearted promises, zero leads. D

Office Team- Had a counselor who told me they wanted to work at the position they were telling me about. Did that mean it was a great job, or that Office Team was a crap to work for? C-

These are not the only agencies I dealt with. Just the ones that rose to the top through the muck.

All the best to you in your search my friend,
Fred Nealon





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