Well today has been an easy day. Nothing strenuous or stressful. All rather pleasant. Didn’t go to the shore, even though Chaz called at 9:00 this morning. Too late, we would hit traffic and Chaz had to get back early to take his pal Andy Bear to the airport. So that was a wash out, figuratively. Still a lot of people away from Hoboken today, most stores closed for the holiday.

Right now there is a party a few buildings away and they’re singing a karaoke version of Blitzkrieg Bop. I guess it’s near impossible to sing it badly, but they’re giving it a go. A polite round of applause as they now launch into Won’t Get Fooled Again.

I’m sitting next to an open window, hearing it all as Lord of The Rings is playing behind me. The last one, Return of the King. I started watching the deluxe editions last night, stopping half way in the second one and starting up again this morning. It’s been that kind of weekend.

Today I went into the city, to Sao Paolo it seemed as today was Brazil Day. Lot’s of Brazilians and their admirers on Sixth Avenue from 43rd up to 56th Street. Crowded, lot’s of people everywhere. Live entertainment on a big stage so if you wanted to walk up Sixth Avenue you had to walk up Fifth Avenue to 47th Street.

It thinned out, going from thousands to hundreds. Lot’s of sexy people out. I decided to make my way up to Central Park. Walked to where the trombone quartet was playing last week, finding them to be a trio this week. Their duffel bag was filled with singles, though they probably could have used some Euros since there were plenty of European tourists around.

Wandered over by the skate circle, wished I could skate, but it’s too late for that. Should have tried it a long time ago, now I’d be afraid of falling and breaking something, or worse yet, looking like a quadragenarian learning how to roller skate.

I pass them by all the time when I ride my bike. There they are on roller blades, arms and legs akimbo. Walked back through the park after listening to some very fine disco, through the Brazilian crowds back to the Path train where I lucked out and snagged a seat after walking around most of the afternoon.

Bill’s home asleep for a few hours, I watching the end of the Lord of the Rings, captivated which is keeping me from finishing tonight’s entry. I know how it ends so I’ll just keep writing. It’s just that it’s the deluxe edition with extras so I’m constantly hearing scenes that aren’t usually broadcast on TV.

The karaoke quieted down, crickets chirping. They’ll be around for a few more weeks I guess, the crickets. Unless they’re still doing the karaoke and if that’s the case, this is quite possibly the best version of a Buddy Holly song with some very convincing Crickets.

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