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I Can’t Help Myself

Wednesday. Hump day for some, Friday for me and by Friday I mean that I have off the next two days which is quite nice. The plan is to take a bus down to Long Beach Island tomorrow and visit with Frank and Elaine. Last night I watched the usual, and played the bass a little bit. That was not going as I had hoped so I switched to the Fender acoustic.

After playing that for a while I decided to use the capo and put it on the third fret. It had been a while since I used the capo and in a little while I had a nice little riff going on. I decided to strike the hammer while the iron was hot and recorded it on my phone since I couldn’t figure out how to use the pocket digital recorder Bill got for me over the holidays last year.

With the phone I could only record a minute which was frustrating. I figured out how to use the digital recorder soon after that and recorded an Aunt Ditty about 3:30. I took it to work and uploaded it on my computer today and now it’s on my iPod. It doesn’t sound half bad and of course it could use some work. I have ideas for the Aunt Ditty which I called To Bayonne, a title I will more than likely change at a later date. I think it was inspired from that Talking Heads video that I posted last night.

Then Bill came home and I made him hot dogs. Watched The Jeffersons on TV Land. The night before Bill and I watched Hogan’s Heroes which really shows what a fun time could be had in a German POW camp during World War 2. Such happy good times.

I wonder if Colonel Klink and Sgt. Schultz were included at the Nuremberg Trials. Couldn’t watch the show without thinking how Bob Crane had some pervy aspects and was portrayed amazingly by Greg Kinnear in that movie.

Slept really well and woke up to what sounded like a maelstrom and I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I had to, being it was my last day before a slight vacation. I read Casey’s script last night which was very good. Bladder moved towards the eyes a bit towards the end. Couldn’t wait to tell him about it this morning on the bus.

It was funny this morning on the bus. Usually Casey has a seat next to me and we talk, this morning someone beat him to it, just when I had something relevant to say. Casey sat in the opposite side on the aisle and I tried telling him about the script, when Casey, so smart and awake asked the gent next to me to switch.

He obliged and we had a really good talk about my favorite parts of the script. It was really well paced and I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I’d definitely watch it, given a chance.

Work was work. I was out of the office quite a bit so the day flew by. I set things up so they wouldn’t go crazy when I wasn’t there, but I know I’ll hear about some thing when I come back on Monday.

Took the Path home just for a change of pace and I was able to read some more of Rip It Up and Start Again by Simon Reynolds. Once again I find I have taken too many books out of the library. Besides that book I have two Alan Bennett books, which I would love to read, but Rip It Up is such an enjoyable read.

It’s mainly about the Post Punk music from the UK so far, and the title is from a song by Orange Juice, Rip It Up which I remember putting on countless mix tapes that I used to give friends and family in the 1980’s. I still have a few from back then and they’re still in decent condition. I’ve even turned a few into mp3’s as a sign of the times.

Of course being mix tapes, they are now two very long tracks, ‘Title’ Side A & B. I wonder if I should get a third hard drive just for my music. Especially if I’m going to start to record my own Aunt Ditty’s.


I won’t have any internet access until Saturday when I return. So feel free to read the posts that I’ve previously put up, and comment damn it. There’s one or two pieces of fiction in there somewhere. Be nice to each other. Don’t be a dick.

Not your average Johnozed reader or is it?

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