Daily Archives: August 19, 2006

Personality Crisis

Ok, things are waaay out of the ordinary. Number one, my wireless is not itself, and it needs Bill to set it straight. Number two, I am fucked up. Been one of those days. I can’t even say nothing extraordinary, because it is extraordinary. Like Spalding Gray, like Peter Gabriel, I love to be loved. Bill had his solo session and Philip has gone on vacation. It went well I suppose, Bill didn’t really say much about his session. He was exhausted though. We just sat on the couch and watched the 40 Year Old Virgin, then Crooklyn, then Kung Fu Hustle. I watched Kung Fu Hustle by myself, Bill crashed right before the end of Crooklyn.

I’d seen all the movies before and wound up crashing at 1:00AM. I slept like a log and woke up as Bill was getting ready for his Saturday morning acting classes. He left his head shot for me on his pillow as if I’d forget what he looked like. I slept in a little bit linger eventually getting out of bed and showering, bagels, papers etc. You know, the Saturday morning routine. I checked my emails after I ate breakfast when I got back and found an enticing email from Trevor, someone who I’d been chatting with online for awhile.

For some reason hooking up with him seemed like the right thing to do. I got my things together and found myself on the Path train into the city at 11:00. I got to his neighborhood and called as planned but got no response. I was unusually cool with this and sat on a bench in a park across the street from his apartment. I was giving him 30 minutes to answer his phone as I sat and watched the dogs in the dog run. At the 30 minute mark I called him and he answered and I went upstairs.

He was a nice guy, very socialable and entertaining someone else. By entertaining, I mean they both were surfing the net. The oddest part was nothing happened. The two of them had been out all night and I caught the tail end of their evening. We hung out and chatted and smoked what I thought was a jazz cigarette but turned out to be something more than that. No complaints, I had a grip on the situation as well as a tremendous headache from whatever it was.

I kept myself hydrated and under control and left soon after, roaming the streets back to the Path train, sweating out whatever was in. I wasn’t paranoid, nor overtly promiscuous, just had my eyes focused on getting to the train and back home where I needed to be. I would like to know what it was Trevor passed to me, but I doubt if we’ll meet again. I’ve been home, slowly coming down from a pleasant trip, safely ensconced in my own skin. I’ve eaten, drank a lot of water and now just hanging out. Can’t be that bad if I was able to write about it, now can it?

Its hours later now, and everything is back to normal, if it was ever normal to begin with. So how are you doing?