Daily Archives: August 7, 2006


I really shouldn’t complain but I am upset. There’s no bread in the house. When I left there were four slices and that was enough for me and Juan to have burgers on. When I came home, no bread at all. I just sent Juan to the A&P to get some more bread, after texting Bill with a simple, ‘Bread?’. Like I said I shouldn’t complain, especially since I’m writing this on my beloved’s laptop, the G4.

Still no word from dear Rand about when he could stop by and install my network card. I figure that I’m either on his shit list, or he’s very busy with his business or just doesn’t want to visit an aficionado of the Jazz cigarette. Or it could simply be a combination of all three. A response would be nice in any event. I did offer to take him and his wife, Lisa out to dinner at Karma Café if he could do it. He’s simply not biting though.

Today was a Monday and of course not a bad one after being pummeled and beaten up by the ocean yesterday. Made watching TV difficult last night, trouble keeping the eyes open you see, or rather don’t see. Bill and I were both under the sheets last night. Since I put the air conditioner in last week it’s been a relief from sweating throughout the night. I do enjoy bundling up under the sheets and a big body like Bill’s is a great thing to hang onto. We make the best out of a full size bed, not looking to purchase a new, larger bed like we did on the Fourth of July weekend.

I woke up as usual and puttered around, taking a shower, making coffee, pouring cereal and counting slices of bread. In the distance I kept hearing my cell phone vibrate, and when I looked there was a text message waiting. It was from Felicia. She was very ill and said she had her first session of dialysis. Not fun, not at all. The message was received at 1:45AM. I texted her back, letting her know everything was aright and that I hoped she felt better, asking her to let me know if there was anything she might need.

Not that I’d be really able to help her out, I mean, leave work and run an errand for her? I would if I could but it was sort of an empty promise. If she asked and if it were possible I would do it. That meant she would be out today, and quite possibly tomorrow.

Speaking of ill supervisors, I did a little research and found that a certain former supervisor who claimed a few times to me that she won a major settlement and would never have to work again. Well if she is using the same name, she’s an executive assistant to some CEO of a financial firm in San Francisco. That made me laugh contentedly knowing that she’s still lying. I wonder how long it will be till her brain starts doing the strangeness she claimed it was doing in New York. These things have a habit of biting one on the ass, or in her case, on the brain.

That was fun! And now here’s Juan with the bread. My hero! Time to start counting slices!