Daily Archives: August 4, 2006

Madman’s Honey

Bill was at his parent’s apartment in the city last night which meant once again I had the bed all to myself. It was nice, but I do prefer having him around. Yesterday at work, Linda took a long lunch. Long enough to not come back yesterday, despite her emailing me that I should leave early, since it’s been so quiet in the office. That was fine with me, being more than ready to leave early. The first email from Linda stated that she was twenty minutes late, then the next email was about how she was with a friend who was flying back to England and having a very heavy talk and wouldn’t be coming back to the office after all. There went my early departure, right out the window.

It wasn’t that big a deal since there was nothing to do and I basically surfed the net after performing the menial tasks and took a subway up to see Jesse the Rastaman. I did what needed to be done and after finishing my Padron 5000 I got on the Path train and came home. Didn’t do much of anything except sweating in front of Bill’s G5 (not a G4. I’m using the G4 to write presently, a laptop). I watched on PBS, the Martin Scorsese documentary, Bob Dylan: No Direction Home. I have the DVD but it was hot, I was lazy and was waiting for the Daily Show anyway.

I slept like a log, waking up and leaving the air conditioned bedroom and walking into a swamp. Actually it wasn’t so bad, it was a bit cooler than the day before. Why, at 7:50AM it was only 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Plantain Man was his usual erect self. Put him on his back and you can use him as a sundial. The Path train was filled with people like me who didn’t have the day off. I got off at Ninth Street and walked to work. Not too many people out and about, except when I walked by the west 4th street subway station. Always bustling, people running and up and down the stairs.

I just float on by, playing Devo on the iPod and remembering how much I liked them. SO much so, that ‘Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are DEVO!’ as my high school motto. I also listened to pop musik at the time, no typo there. At work I set about getting the office started. It was really low key so I was able to take my time. The day passed as it should. Linda annoyed me with the whole not being in business but I got over it. There was really nothing I could do about it so I made the most of it. I spent most of the afternoon attempting to download over 600 songs that were floating around the office network on various iPods.

I got a few, including some there were in my iTunes shopping cart. Stuff that I’ve owned on vinyl and cd that I didn’t want to buy again as a music file. So I downloaded someone else’s download. Blue Coconut was the way I got around it. I did actually purchase a song online today though. Rock On by David Essex. An atonement of sorts. Not bad. Works for me.