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For All We Know

It’s a Monday again. I don’t mind. Less people on the streets, less people wandering around the Hoboken waterfront. Worked out fine for me. Last night I watched The Pacific and though there wasn’t much violence last night, it really hit home hardest out of all of the episodes.

Last night was all about the surviving Marines coming home after the war. No one maimed or seriously injured, but most of these Marines had internal damages to their minds. It was last night where I started to recognize most of these soldiers as the type that would be sitting around the U shaped bar at the VFW in twenty or thirty years.

There were a few scenes that brought the lump to the throat, specifically John Basilone’s widow visiting her late husband’s family for the first time. Not many of those soldiers left, as was noted in the end credits. The actors were listed and then the person they played and their history followed.

Treme was good too. I do have the occasional problem with Steve Zahn though. Some episodes he’s good and other episodes he’s not so good. I don’t know how many episodes are left but I’ll keep watching more than likely.

Stayed up late and watched Burn After Reading by the Coen brothers. Not the best from the Coens, but better than most. A few surprising twists in it. Don’t know if I would recommend it. This afternoon I was out by Pier A, strumming my guitar. Made a quarter.

It was encouraging.

I thought the Art Hams or something resembling pork products were supposed to be doing something in May up in Hamilton NY but that doesn’t seem to be in the works. At least not if I’m included.

Occasionally, some people make plans and I show an interest then it’s all hush hush until after the fact.

And some people always coming up with some plans, “A movie! A CD! And I want you, John to be in on it!” and when I say I would be in on it, I ask when and where and I will be there, I never hear anything about it again.

“A part for you John, where you wear a suit and tie and you smoke a cigar. Think you can do it?” I reply positively, even offer some more ideas to the project at hand, when seem to go over well then nothing is said until after the fact and if I then mention my ignorance I sometimes hear that I knew all about it.

Like playing in Hamilton, which is probably now, two people and a trombone doing who the fuck knows if it hasn’t happened already. It’s happened before, hearing afterward about two friends playing right up the street from me at an open mike. Turtle club anyone?

A while back I was somewhere with someone who told me about a project they had just completed. I asked why didn’t I know about it and they insisted that I did know about it. It’s just as well. I do my thing and they can do whatever.

I suppose my request to do the voice of a radio DJ has fallen by the wayside. I may have been replaced, that is if that project still exists. Once again, besides the initial idea presented to me and my interest in doing whatever is asked, I’ve heard nothing. Perhaps a fourth party or someone else will tell me all about it.

And also the Last Sunday of the Month Shakespeare reading seems to be no more. It was a good idea while it lasted and it was fun. But there are no more brunches at Maxwells and I’m not too keen on participating in the process in someone’s kitchen.

from last week.

from last week.

Next day, 5.18.10 a new attitude. Not so bitter and resentful.

The Barber Feel It

It’s been an interesting 24 hours. First off, though I really didn’t care, I am happy that the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, just for the fact that it more than likely bolstered the spirits of the residents of New Orleans.

The TV was on during the first half of the game, but the sound was off and I was listening to music. Led Zeppelin, the Bee Gees and Chicago, hence the title of last night’s entry. It’s funny, like my antipathy towards Zeppelin back in the day turning into an appreciation, I find myself liking certain Chicago songs, specifically Does Anyone Really Know what Time It Is and Make Me Smile.

I suppose it’s the late Terry Kath’s songs, definitely not the Peter Cetera songs, though who knows? Check back in 20 years and I could be writing about how good Just You & Me and If You Leave Me Now actually are. By then though, it might be attributed to dementia.

Bill came home and was surprised to see the game on, and asking me who I was, since the ‘real’ me wouldn’t have the game on. I explained that I was waiting to see the Who, or rather “’alf the ‘Ooo”. Which is what they would have been 41 years ago if John Entwhistle and Keith Moon joined up with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page when Page was putting together Led Zeppelin.

The Who came on and did a good job, Roger & Pete with Pino Palladino on bass and Ringo’s son, Zak Starkey on drums and Rabbit Bundrick on keys. I thought it was Wix Wickens from Macca’s group but Wikipedia says otherwise, so no Wix, yes Rabbit.

It was a decent show. Daltrey straining to hit some notes, and Pete not being able to windmill on the guitar wearing a suit jacket. The stage design was really cool, Bill mentioned that it looked like the 1980’s electronic game, Simon, which it did at points.

Zak Starkey had the Mod bull’s eye on his cymbals and that looked really cool. Lily Mastro commented on Facebook that Zak looked like Terry Gilliam, and he did. I called up Rita after the Who. She was a major Who fan when they first came over in the 1960’s and she loved it saying that Pete could do no wrong.

It was a fun talk with Rita who invited me to go along with her to a Jim Carroll memorial on Wednesday. I asked that she remind me on Wednesday.

I wrote about 2 people last night that I came in contact with today. One was Pedro whom I wrote about doing the Roof Top dance 22 years ago. We talked on the phone about a plan that I have which my sister mentioned that would be good for me. A different career path. Not corporate, no suits involved, though I’m sure if I wanted to wear a suit I could.

I also ran into Damian, Julio’s buddy. I wrote about them last night also attending a party after seeing Led Zeppelin at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert. I run into Damian more than Julio does, I think the last time I saw him was in 2006. Damian’s a Hoboken police officer now and I ran into him on the street. So good to see him, such a nice guy. We did some catching up standing on the corner. Wife and kids are good, he’s happy with his life.

Funny how both Damian and Pedro are now law enforcement officers considering how wild we all used to be.

During the second half of the football game with the volume up and Bill cheering and shouting I researched different beauty schools in the area. I am seriously considering becoming a barber.

Yes, you’ve read that right.

It seems like a smart move, everyone needs a haircut every now and then. I already have an appointment at one school in Manhattan tomorrow and another on Thursday in West New York on Bergenline Avenue.

No more barber colleges, now I would have to take a cosmetology course. Also looking into getting stimulus funding for the schooling as well as financial aid. Pedro thought it was a great idea and was very supportive as a few other people I talked about it with were.

I also made it a point to visit with my barber at Mr. L’s. He thought it was a bad idea as did his son. Their whole point was that it was a lot of standing around waiting for customers, Tony mentioning that you’re always being watched by the person who’s hair you’re cutting.

I don’t watch what Tony’s doing since I don’t have my glasses on while he cuts my hair and I just tell him what I want and trust him to do the job. Last time I had gotten my hair cut from him, I told him to do what he wanted and I think he did a good job.

Tony who’s in his 70’s, also mentioned that during the depression a barber he knew had 3 kids to support as well as a wife and did not go on public assistance like a lot of people, since as Tony put it, a barber always has a dollar in his pocket.

It’s definitely an out of left field idea but it seems right to me, obviously since I am checking out 2 schools this week. I told Tony and his son that after I visit the school tomorrow I would stop by and let them know how it went.

I don’t think they’re afraid I would be taking away business, in fact I would be willing to pick up any slack. Since they’re closed on Wednesday and Sunday, I might be willing to rent a chair and work on those days. I’m only a few doors away anyhow.

But that’s a ways down the line and I’m getting ahead of myself. It does seem like a job that I would be pretty good at. And then there’s that whole Sweeney Todd thing.

What do you think? Your comments would be worth reading should you care to write them…