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Love for Tender

Well today was a day at work like no other so far. Panic basically. It seems that Nancy Pelosi made a speech complaining about the past eight years of right wing ideology and that just upset the right wing so much that they sabotaged whatever bailout was in the works.

Now because of their ‘hurt feelings’ my job is in even greater danger. Small businesses like the one I work for are in grave danger. A difficult year ahead is what they’re saying on TV right now.

The ‘hurt feelings’ is too reminiscent of when the Newt Gingrich philanderer was upset that Clinton had him sitting in the rear of Air Force One, which caused Gingrich to shut down the government for a few days. Not the best move as we learned and probably forgot since then.

Greg Stevens had me fax and overnight some documents, he’s taking his money out of Wachovia and putting it somewhere else. This week there are just four of us in the office, Vivek, Greg Stevens, Tom Chin and myself. Esteban got married on Saturday and is on his honeymoon.

Nervous jokes were made after the stock market plunged 777 points, jokes about how lucky we were that we didn’t have windows that opened. And if they did, we’re only on the fourth floor anyhow.

I felt the panic and dealt with it as best as I could. I did ask before I left whether or not I should come back tomorrow. Vivek asked what I was going to do next. It doesn’t look good and perhaps the end may be sooner than anticipated.

Once again, no one knows anything. It should make for interesting TV tonight, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I am sick of the republicans and their tricks and lies and out and out greed. I’ve never seen such merchants of bullshit.

The day didn’t start out that way. Last night was rather cool too. I watched True Blood last night. Very good. A visit to the local Vampire bar, Fangtasia. And Sookie’s brother is still very much an idiot. Last night despite being warned to take only a drop of the drug V, a vampire serum to help him with his erectile dysfunction.

Being an idiot, he drank the whole vial and was in a priapismic state for quite a long time, causing him to go to the emergency room to have his penis aerated. And I was glad they didn’t show that. They did show the tent underneath his hospital gown though. And the serial killer isn’t a vampire it’s the owner of the bar, Sam. Saw that one coming before it was revealed.

Entourage was good, but not as good as last week. Little Britain USA was more miss than hit and had an annoying laugh track. It looked funnier in the commercials, that’s for sure. Woke up with Justin Timberlake in my head.

Specifically the song, Sexxyback. Not a bad song and I had it on my iPod anyway, Juan’s influence you see. The city isn’t under lock down like last week though. All the major players went back home.

Fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

From Joe.My.God (blogroll on the right side of this blog)
Top Ten Bank Failures Of All Time

1. Washington Mutual, Seattle (2008)
Total assets: $307 billion

2. Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust, Chicago (1984)
Total assets: $40.0 billion

3. First Republic Bank, Dallas (1988)
Total assets: $32.5 billion

4. IndyMac Bank, Pasadena, Calif. (2008)
Total assets: $32 billion

5. American S&LA, Stockton, Calif. (1988)
Total assets: $30.2 billion

6. Bank of New England, Boston (1991)
Total assets: $21.7 billion

7. MCorp, Dallas (1989)
Total assets: $18.5 billion

8. Gibraltar Savings, Simi Valley, Calif. (1989)
Total assets: $15.1 billion

9. First City Bancorporation, Houston (1988)
Total assets: $13.0 billion

10. Homefed Bank, San Diego (1992)
Total assets: $12.2 billion
The previous nine biggest failures together don’t equal WaMu.

all of the above happened during republican administrations.

More Today Than Yesterday

Hump day hump day hump day. That means it’s Wednesday. No one is impressed. Work was weird today. Caught a slight panic bug from the sole analyst, Esteban. He was one of the Three Stooges but now there is only Esteban. He’s getting married in a week or two. I’m thankfully not invited. Couldn’t afford a gift you see.

The stock market is not too well at all and that is bound to affect the company somehow. I’m staying until the end I think unless they decide to get rid of me too, but thanks to their ineptitude it doesn’t seem likely. So he was panicked and that got to me. You can see the fear and loathing n the faces of many business people in the area and it’s probably a lot worse downtown by Wall Street.

Whatever happens to the big players like AIG, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers (and soon Washington Mutual) will eventually have a ripple effect on my little five person firm. On top of that there is the election where McCrazy and Pallid and just tossing out lies, not really getting into the issues since they really have no leg to stand on in that regard.

I spent sometime with my sock puppet arguing with wrong wing sycophants on a Daily News discussion board which did not help my frame of mind. I knew it would be like this last year and despite my knowing, still I throw myself into the mess. Just now a commercial for McCrazy who claims he’ll be able to turn this economic crisis around, even though his ‘former’ advisor Phil Gramm is one of the architects of this fiasco and despite the fact that McCrazy stated himself that he really doesn’t know much about economics.

How anyone could listen to this idiot and take him seriously is definitely lost on me. Surprisingly a lot of people do. And then there are the ones who will never ever vote for a black man, no matter what. Juan reminded me of that. Living in the tri-state metropolitan area the majority of people I am in contact with are somewhat like minded and it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of people between coasts that do not think like me.

So there is the fear that November 4 might not be as good as I had hoped. I learned that lesson in the last presidential election. That awful sinking feeling as I watched the results come in. Now Obama is much more charismatic that Kerry and a hundred times as inspirational, but that might just fall by the wayside.

I know in my 46 years of being here I might not have seen much but in the past 8 years I think I have seen enough. Last night I was telling Brenda about how Bill and I took to the streets 5 years ago to protest the impending war. Millions around the world did the same that February day but we were ignored since Bush Co. was going to do whatever the hell it wanted to do, which killed whatever empathy and support existed following the attacks on September 11.

Now five years later things are even worse, making those days before the war seem somewhat golden in retrospect. McCrazy plans on bringing Pallid to the United Nations so the huntress could finally meet foreign heads of state. There are so many things piling up against Pallid, her lies, her drunken power etc, how can this be ignored? By the wrong wing attacking Obama’s character since they can’t go on issues. But I’ve already said that.

America- what a country!