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A Well Respected Man

Well I was a bit crabby yesterday. The disheveled drunkards can do that to you. On my way home I got a text message from Rand who was telling me about his buddy Karl having an art opening last night at Maxwells.

Yes that’s right, I wrote Maxwells.

I was weary, and merely replied ‘Sweet’. Rand invited me and I couldn’t say yes or no. I came upstairs and wrote over 1000 words and felt a bit better, and less bitter. Bill came home as I ate a turkey sandwich.

He was pretty tired. I continued writing and thought about going to the art opening. Last time I went it was pretty crowded and all I could do was think about how the art openings at Maxwells were so much more fun 20 years ago. Free beer and wine and familiar faces made the difference.

Bill went to take a nap and asked me to wake him up in a few hours. I mentioned that I was probably going out. Though his body was tired, his mind was racing and was unable to nap so he wandered around the apartment.

By the time I was done writing and posting entry 1601 I had decided to head out. As I walked down the stairs I texted Rand and told him I was on the way.

Got to Maxwells and it was crowded and loud but I enjoyed Karl’s artwork. Very comic book style, a lot of fun. Talked to Rand and Mike C and Mike’s girlfriend Sarah who was very sweet. I talked about busking and music and made Sarah giggle a bit.

Chris Repella showed up and bought some artwork. I thanked her once again for the photographs of the civil union thingamajig on Saturday. She joined Rand and Mike and Sarah as well as Lisa, Rand’s wife. I spotted Todd and told him I needed to talk to him.

Todd and I used to butt heads back in the day. We went out side and I told Todd about the civil union and asked if he would let me use the back room for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. To my delight he said yes.

I thanked him profusely and offered an invitation to join us. He asked that I send him an email today to remind him to keep the date booked for us. Quite nice. I called Bill and told him the good news and also called Annemarie.

After Maxwells I walked home with Chris Repella, walking with Mike C and Sarah. Chris and I sat in front of her building just talking about music. Mainly about the Kinks and how she doesn’t like the Beatles. Chris went off to either the supermarket or to Starbucks to see her daughter and I came home and invited about 120 Facebook friends to the summer Civil Union event.

Then I remembered that not all of my friends are on Facebook or even online so I text messaged about 20 more friends about it. I know that not all of the invitees will be able to make it, so I’m not worried about too many people.

Anyway if it gets too crowded there could be a nice back and forth between the front and back room at Maxwells.

A few trays of pasta and salad, paper plates and plastic utensils on the back bar and if you want a drink, you’ll have to pay for it in the front bar.

Today was a good day for busking. Yesterday while playing I spent too much time in the sun and my nose was bit red. Bill mentioned that this morning while kissing me good bye. So today I applied the sun block and wound up playing in the shade.

Today’s songs were Lola, Sunny Afternoon, I Should Have Known Better and You Can’t Do That, as well as the toddler’s favorite, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. I even sang today. Loudly and to the sky. Tariq joined me. Couldn’t keep up though. Not good with the sevenths still.

I indulged Tariq somewhat and we played Hotel California. Then the guy who sat next to me on Sunday showed up and it turns out Tariq knew him. The guy asked how to pass a screening for alcohol and I said the best way to pass the test is to not drink.

Tariq went off to buy some beer and asked me to watch his guitar again. I did and played my guitar while ignoring the guy to the best of my ability. Tariq came back with some beer and I took that as my opportunity to leave, saying that I had to bounce.

Sorry if this was a little disjointed tonight, but there were a few phone calls going on while I wrote. Perhaps I should shut off the phone while I write.

But still it was Jane who called who was thrilled to hear about the party and she said she will be there this summer, as will be Connie who plans on buying a new dress for the occasion. And Harpy who will probably show up naked.

You Didn’t Hear It

Well here we are, January 1, 2010. So far so good. No known superstitions or rituals to go through and no hangover either. Been a pretty good day. Last night was pretty good too. Bill woke up from his nap and we had dinner at Arthur’s Steakhouse on Washington Street.

We’ve been doing that for the past 8 years, New Years Eve dinner. A few pints, some steaks, some garlic bread. It’s never been crowded and quite cozy that last night of the year. We came home and watched some TV before heading over to Rand and Lisa’s apartment around 11:00.

On the way we saw various party goers outside different buildings having a smoke. One guy at the corner of 7th and Park Avenue called us over for a light. As I lent him my lighter, he farted. Many laughs all around.

I brought some Guinness, not sure if Rand had any or if anyone else would be drinking it. Apparently Rand had some on hand already, not that it mattered though I’m sure I will have to pay him a visit and take those off his hands. Also pick up some socks that were left behind a few months ago. Arrangements will have to be made.

I did go out around 3:00 this afternoon to get some groceries. It was a nice afternoon, a balmy 40 degrees. I ran into Martin Kelly, good to see him. Had a few laughs with him. Spoke with Annemarie when I got back. She had a great time seeing X in San Francisco last night while her husband Rex and their son Earl went to see the Dead play for 4.5 hours. I would have been at the X show of course.

In Hoboken, it was low key last night. Rand & Lisa, Lois & Fred and Bill & myself. Nice amount of people. All rather perfect actually. We all sat around the TV, Rand controlling the TV. NBC, CBS, ABC & CNN as well as a video of a video of Lady Gaga on TV.

The countdown went well and I decided to record it. I sound like a big gay goofball but I guess I sound like that all the time, though I did sound campier than usual when I tried reassuring Lois that the champagne blindness in her eyes. At least I sound that way to my ears.

I even played Rand’s guitar and played some Beatles tunes, All My Loving, She’s A Woman and Please Please Me. That was fun. I was surprised to see Bill singing along to All My Loving. According to him, he’s been paying attention all these years and was learned the lyrics from my constant playing. It was fun and Lois complimented me on my guitar playing.

I guess she hadn’t heard me play in a while. Perhaps all those years of playing on my own has given me a unique style of playing.

Bill and I were home a little after 2:00, passing plenty of party people heading to various other parties. I remember those times, not wanting the party to end. Now I’m content to let it end when it may, not caring since I was going to bed.

I have to wake Bill up in a half hour, he’s driving to Atlantic City again. Of course I’ll be worried until I hear from him in Atlantic City. I’m in for the night, been invited to a party but I’m feeling reclusive.

Hope you all had an enjoyable New Years Yves.