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I’m Afraid of Americans

Back to work today after a nice day off. Weather was quite nice again. I saw Samantha Bee today. She’s pregnant again.

It was Calvin, Raymond and Sean today with Marcus flitting in and out. It was a good team to work with. I also received my personal code and the key to the store, so it’s official, I will mainly be closing the store from now on.

And I’m fine with it. It’s not like I had much of a social life the past 11 months or even before that. I see my friends from time to time and that’s fine. I’m not exactly a shut in. Everyone has their own lives to live and I’ve got mine.

And now my life is tied to this job. I suppose it was fortuitous timing since the republicans have blocked unemployment benefits for people who have been collecting for over 6 months.

Apparently like that stupid crank from February, the dumb as fuck republicans think the unemployed are lazy for not taking jobs that pay less than the unemployment benefit. So if Mom and Dad are out of work, trying to make ends meet you’d had better hope they take that job at McDonald’s.

I had to educate Raymond on how this current economic mess is actually because of that piece of shit Ronald Reagan and his dismantling of the New Deal policies of the FDR administration. How he and others dismantled the rules and regulations designed to make sure the banks don’t get into another economic mess like the great depression.

Yep, let the banks and big business run themselves without any oversight. Not like the crash of 1929 will happen again.

And here we are now standing on the verge of another great depression. It’s strange (for lack of a better word) that so many people are unaware of the bitch he-devil Reagan and the evil that he created, instead they revere this vaginal slang.

So if I were still collecting the unemployment benefit, I would be in serious trouble since I was out of work for 11 months.

And today made for the beginning of my second month, selling cigars. One of the shops nearby has a lovely manager called, Elizabeth. She stops by a few times a day, usually to use the loo. She asked how it was working out for me and I told her I thought it was working well.

I remarked on how I hoped my co-workers and managers like me and she reassured me, telling me that they loved me. That was nice to hear. And I guess getting the code and the key proves that they believe that I am doing a good job.

And they’re starting to appreciate my music in the store which is good. I also do not show a pout when a negative comment is made about it.

I played The Bird and The Bee, their first album and was told it was putting people to sleep. Some of the cigar smoking guys were shocked to hear the song, F*cking Boyfriend a few weeks ago as well so I’ve been wary about paying them.

This evening I played the Hall & Oates cover album and it was well regarded. More than likely because the songs were recognizable. I’m not complaining.

I played Hall & Oates as well which was ironic since I also played the Hall & Oates song Intravino when a gathering of sommeliers took place.

Twilight at Columbus Circle

He Ain’t Give You None

Today has turned out to be quite a nice day. 62 degrees said the thermometer on Washington Street. A bit windy but that was OK by me. Had a nice walk around Hoboken, visited that socialist institution and dropped off some DVD’s.

One of the DVD’s, Sleeper- turned out to be unplayable thanks to some cracks in the center of the disc. I seem to be the one who discovers things wrong with the DVD’s at the bibliothèque. No one else seems to even after they return them.

Maybe they’re the ones who break the discs and don’t say anything for fear of having to buy a new one. I’ve never been accused and then again I’ve never broken a CD or DVD from the library.

Yesterday I took out Taking Woodstock and Hippie, a book by Barry Miles. I watched Taking Woodstock last night. It was cute, it was fun. Wasn’t the worst movie I saw and not the greatest Ang Lee movie but it wasn’t as bad as the critics made it out to be.

No footage from the Woodstock movie, but some of the same techniques were used. No music from the movie either, probably kept costs down. A version of Going Out to the Country which may or may not have been by Canned Heat was the only song I can remember being in the both movies.

I enjoyed it. Demitri Martin was good and I could have sworn Andy Samberg was in it, but it turned out to be Jonathan Groff. So it wasn’t by the book as some Woodstock memoirs would have it, but it was still enjoyable.

I didn’t watch the extras since I have quite an extensive waiting list at the bibliothèque and I needed a copy of The Scottish Play for this Sunday’s Open Reading of Shakespeare at McSwells this Sunday. I do like the Scottish Play, having read it in high school.

After the library I wandered over to the river and read the January 25 issue of the New Yorker. Man I am behind. Since I’m not commuting anymore I don’t read it as often as I did, I’ve fallen behind. And my behind might have gotten a bit bigger since I’m not walking all over Manhattan like I used to.

Been a gray and wet couple of months so I’ve mainly been inside. I hope to change that soon enough now that the weather is getting better.

Stopped by the local record store, Tunes just to see if there was anything special about the latest album by The Bird & the Bee, their tribute to Hall & Oates. They didn’t have it in stock, claiming they sold it out. I doubt if they even ordered it since it came out yesterday. They said it should be in on Friday.

Instead I was able to snag Bang Masters by Van Morrison. A collection of his tracks for Bang Records from 1967. It was a used copy at $2.99 and since it had T.B. Sheets on it, a song that I’ve been playing once a day lately I had to have it. It should make for a nice burned CD for someone in August.

I’ve also become friends with Chris Frantz and Pat Irwin on Facebook. Chris Frantz was the drummer for Talking Heads, as well as for the Tom Tom Club and married to one of my favorite bass players, Tina Weymouth.

And Pat Irwin was in the Raybeats on guitar, keys and saxophone and also played guitar and keys for the B-52’s. A nice guy, I met him by the rock outside of Summerstage a few years ago. Answered my questions about the Raybeats and the B-52’s.

Chris Frantz is supposed to be a nice guy as well. I saw him at a Television show at the Academy theater in the 1990’s but was too nervous to go up to him and say anything.

I guess Facebook is the way to go then.
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