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It’s Tuesday and feels like a Monday which isn’t so bad. The feeling of September despair has faded somewhat. Talking about it with Bill yesterday certainly helped. The nice walk around Hoboken was out of the ordinary.

Running into Rand and Lisa was sweet as well. It turned out that Rand sent me a text message before knowing I was in his vicinity, stating ‘Stop looking at me.” That made me stop walking with Bill for a moment and scan the Maxwell Place area.

Yes Maxwell Place. What used to be Maxwell House, the coffee factory is now very pricey condos with a boat house for all those wayward sailors in Hoboken. But Rand and Lisa were on the opposite side of the street. Always a pleasure to see them and they were on their way and we were on ours.

Castle Point Terrace, nice homes including one they can’t seem to sell at 2.9 million dollars. I’d like to buy that house if and when I win the mega millions. Give Annemarie, Rex and Earl a place to stay when they visit back east. Last night was TV mainly, nothing much on at all.

Hurricane coverage, republican convention coverage and a Scrubs marathon on TV Land which unlike Comedy Central was showing them out of sequence. Turk and Carla got married, next episode Carla is recovering from giving birth. I really couldn’t care actually.

Went to bed a little after 11:00 and immediately had a dream that my teeth were falling out of my mouth. That was unnerving and made going back to sleep difficult as my tongue ran itself over my teeth making sure that most of my teeth were still in place.

Woke up with Bill kissing me goodbye, I had to ask him what time it was. My body clock is a bit screwed up since I had been staying up late, sometimes until 1:00AM and sleeping until 8:00. What a rebel I can be.

It was 6:00, Bill told me as he turned and walked out the door. I got out of bed, showered and shaved, had coffee (made by Bill) and cereal and I was out the door around 6:45, earlier than previous times.

Too early to see Casey on the bus or at bat, I read the New Yorker. Made my way across town listening to the Slits, Cut. I think that would be one of my desert island discs. I was definitely the first person in the office, getting in around 7:45.

Too early for my tastes but what can I do? Having taken 2 days off, the mail was piled up on my desk. I didn’t care and set about doing everything else then onto the mail. Most everyone was in today. Trudy, a sweet woman who is one of our subtenants asked if they told me how much they need me and of course they hadn’t.

They did drive Trudy crazy on Thursday and Friday trying to get her to do all the things it is that I do.

The day crawled. 4:30 couldn’t arrive soon enough. I walked across town listening to Sly and the Family Stone who happened to be right after the Slits on the iPod. An enjoyable Padron across town, giving change to the crazy homeless guy who always calls me soldier as we give each other a terrorist fist bump.

Got on the bus and started again on Alan Bennett, Untold Stories. Now he’s writing about his diaries and how they get printed in a newspaper at the end of each year. I could relate to that, though I publish my diary everyday it seems.

Saw Ally Politkowski on the bus He wasn’t looking too good. On his way to the doctor. I tried to give some words of encouragement, telling him we still have to get together for that elusive drink. I asked if he needed help getting to his doctor but he waved me off and managed a smile as I got off the bus.

Saw Julio’s car on the street so that means he and Stine and Alexander have returned from Denmark. Or at least his car has traveled from North Bergen to Hoboken on it’s own which is probably unlikely.

Got a letter from my damned insurance company and found my claim was rejected again. Bastards. I know, at least I have insurance. But it doesn’t seem like it. I pay into it, but don’t really see the benefits despite having my dentist write a letter explaining why she did what she had to do, and it was overseen by her professor.

Oxford Health Insurance bites, or in this case, gums.