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Just Another Day

Well a thunderstorm just passed by. Lot’s of rain and it looks like that’s it for rain today. I could be wrong of course.

I’m home now, it’s 5:28. I’ve been home since 4:00. I left work early today. It’s demoralizing. Vivek and I talked very briefly. He doesn’t know what to do, but he’s thinking about the baby that’s on the way.

He mentioned that he hasn’t been paid in three months. That make me want to be quiet about not being paid today. I am supposed to get paid on the 15th and 31st day of each month, but for some reason I wasn’t.

That was enough to make me want to go home early. I should be paid tomorrow but this is how this lack of organization goes on.

Another aspect of that, at around 10:45 this morning I get a call from Abby. He says there is an Indian woman outside the office building and would I go down and bring her upstairs? I wonder why this woman doesn’t just present herself at the security desk in the lobby and get a pass.

Sure enough, the door bell rings and it’s the Indian woman. She says she is supposed to be in the office at 11:00. Apparently she’s an intern and today is her starting date. So I set her up in a conference room.

She sat there playing on her Blackberry until 2:00. No one who told her to come in, came in. This is what I deal with every day.

Sanjay eventually came in and sat with her. I didn’t stick around, I left at 2:30. I told Vivek I had an interview. I didn’t but I like to think that I’m showing them how serious I am about getting out of there.

Vivek says he’ll make up his mind on July 4. A Saturday, as well as a Federal holiday as you well know. Doesn’t do me any good.

The way things are going, even though they (Vivek & Sanjay) said I could take time off when Annemarie and family comes to down, that doesn’t seem likely as it approaches.

I mean, will I get paid vacation time? Did I even take a vacation last year?

I also heard from the French Spaniard, he called. Asked if I had a chance to make some calls on the list and I answered, ‘What list?’

Oh it’s definitely a fucked up situation that I desperately want to be out of.

Last night was a good night. Watched some Lawn Hors d’oeuvre with Bill, then we watched the season premiere of the vampire show, True Blood.

Once again, very good, quite intense. The vampire Bill seemed to have a more pronounced southern accent this season. Good also to see some favorite characters making the cut this season which looks to be even nastier than last year.

Then we watched Entourage, followed by a half hour documentary on Edward Hopper on PBS, narrated by Steve Martin. Tons of Hopper paintings that I had never seen before. Also did not know that Edward Hopper was 6’7”. He is one of my favorite painters.

I was able to help Stine this morning get tickets for Paul McCartney at the new Mets stadium on the same date that I’m going. She’s taking Julio.

She was going to pay a lot of money through a ticket broker for what actually turned out to be the cheapest seats available. She gave me her card info and I was able to log in and eventually get seats, saving her hundreds of dollars.

So that’s going to be a fun night, right?


It’s back to work for me again! Of course I could have used an hour more of sleep but that’s just not how things work out.

Last night Bill and I watched Into the Storm, a bio-pic of Winston and Clementine Churchill. It was good but I started thinking that the Churchill bio-pic a year or so ago starring Albert Finney and Vanessa Redgrave was a little bit better.

What can I say? I just like Vanessa Redgrave that much.

Len Cariou as Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a nice touch. Bill enjoyed it. He told me so as he headed off to bed as I watched the news and of course spaced out on the weather report. Bill and I sat on the stoop before the bio-pic and smoked cigars, very Churchillian.

We seem to have landed in a spot where we both really enjoy each others company. I guess if you’re in a relationship you know how it goes. Sometimes your partner drives you up the wall. Not lately though.

We’ve been there for each other and simply enjoyed walking around Hoboken or Central Park.

He was out of the apartment as I was getting out of bed this morning. The forecast today was that it was going to be warm so I dressed casual. I headed into the city, reading the New Yorker.

The bus got crowded fast despite a few coach buses following each other quite closely. I made it into the office a little after 9:00 which is the way they want things to be.

Of course things were busy. I made myself a cup of coffee and found there was very little milk left.

That meant I had to head out and get milk which I did. Then when I came back and was about to make a second pot of coffee for the office I found there was no more coffee. So it was out for me again.

Lately Vivek and Sanjay are so secretive, or more likely, absentminded about telling me what is going on. It was a surprise to see that one of the big wigs from Kent, Washington was in as well as the French Spaniard.

Both were in to see me and engage me in a meeting. That was an unwelcome surprise for myself and for them as I told them I had way too much to do this morning to sit down and talk.

Eventually I made it back and I did have their meeting and it went well.

They all seemed to like what I had to say, despite the fact that I had no idea what it was I was saying. It was a very Chauncey Gardiner moment.

‘As long as the roots are intact, all will be well in the garden.’

The Washington state big wig went off with Vivek and Sanjay to Parsipanny and I was left with the French Spaniard. Pierre is what I’ll call him and he was a nice guy, very easy to get along with. We talked about the design of the still incomplete website and he’s they guy who’s going to get that together.

It’s odd that someone has to fly up from Florida to discuss these things with me as well as sit in on a phone call with a potential client yet Vivek and Sanjay and even the now invisible Abby could never find the time to do the same.

Obviously if I need to talk with someone about this, I need to call long distance rather than talk to those guys sitting about twenty feet away from me.

Yesterday as I walked home from sitting by the river and before smoking cigars with Bill on the front steps, I stopped by Tunes and picked up Grizzly Bear’s latest CD, Veckatimest. It’s pretty good, and enjoyable.

None of the songs are as good as Grizzly Bear’s Deep Blue Sea on the Dark Was The Night double CD Red Hot compilation, but a few of them come close.

Not really something that moves you along as you walk around midtown Manhattan. More like something you can listen to sitting still and get a lot out of it.

I recommend it.