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Keep Marchin’

It’s a Sunday. It’s May 2nd. It was 90 degrees this afternoon. It was the day of the Hoboken Art & Music Festival or as some snarky types are fond of calling it, the Fart & Mucous Festival. I usually attend with Rand but this time Rand is in Lucerne doing things in the name of Jack Kirby.

Last night was quite warm. I sat around and sweated in my underwear. Too damn hot for me, too damn hot for May 1st. But what can I do?

Bill was driving to Atlantic City and when I tracked him on Google Latitude, it had him in East Orange, then headed to San Antonio, and then finally over the border into Mexico. Somehow he wound back on the Garden State Parkway, headed to Atlantic City again.

At least he wasn’t in Times Square where a park car, loaded with propane tanks, fireworks and gasoline started to go up in flames but thanks to the attentions of a T-Shirt vendor it did not blow up. I found out about in around 11:00PM, a few hours after the whole thing started.

I was watching the Philadelphia Story on PBS, Funny that I wrote about High Society a week or so ago and how much I prefer The Philadelphia Story to the Cole Porter musical. I still feel that way.

Opted not to watch a repeat of Saturday Night Live instead watched a repeat of Lost which in retrospect is quite interesting since there’s only 3 or 4 more weeks left in that series.

The Death of Charlie was one of the stories and the other episode filled me in somewhat on how it will end. Jack will assume Jacob’s role and Locke will remain the Smoke Monster. That’s what I think.

Thanks to melatonin I slept really well. Woke up later than expected, but still had enough time to go out and participate in something the New York Times was promoting, basically a snapshot at 11:00AM.

All over the world at 1500 hours Greenwich Time they asked people to take a picture of something and send it in. I walked over to 5th and Washington and took 20 photos, 5 each for North, East, West and South.

Then I came home and uploaded them, deciding to send one pic of a northern view to the website. Or maybe it was the southern view. Eastern? Western? I don’t remember. It was good that today was the street festival, enabling me to stand in the middle of the boulevard and take pictures in all directions.

Bill came home and immediately went to bed and I made myself a nice breakfast. An hour or so later Roger Johansen posted onto Facebook that Jack Skuller was playing and worth checking out. So I headed out with my camera again, walking on the sidewalks since walking on the street had gotten way too crowded and let’s face it, some people cannot walk.

Not the ones in wheelchairs and other mobile things, but simply walking one foot in front of another was a near impossible chore. And the temperature was going up (now it’s 83°) and I was getting sweaty.

Jack Skuller is a 16 year old rock and roller 14 year old rock and roller and it’s good that he’s up there doing things like that, playing guitar and singing. My sister called which got me away from the stage area and found a not so quiet spot to converse with her.

When I was through talking to Annemarie, Jack Skuller was off the stage. I did run into Mike Carlucci who I actually wrote about yesterday. I even told him I wrote about him giving me guitar lessons. Roger sauntered up with his friend Tim.

Mike had just done some recording and I introduced Mike to Roger who now runs a mastering studio. Hopefully they will connect. Hopefully the DNA Cup will be out of the picture. It was good to see Mike again. He’s a nice guy and an excellent guitarist.

I headed over to the river which was even more crowded than usual, people like me trying to avoid the throngs on Washington Street. I enjoyed a cigar and read the New Yorker. Way too crowded to bring out the guitar even though I probably could have made some money. At least some pocket change.

Came home, Bill slowly stirring. I just sat around and listened to Carole King, Tapestry. Don’t know why, seemed most apt for a day like today. Bill was soon up and out the door headed to a rehearsal.

I tried to cool myself off and eventually headed out to see Fountains of Wayne who were headlining the festival. I stayed for a few songs, ultimately realizing that I don’t know any Fountains of Wayne songs and the ones I was hearing weren’t exactly enticing me to stay.

Walked back through the crowds which had thinned somewhat. Perhaps it was the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero I was smoking. I passed by the Hoboken Smoke Shop stand which is the worst cigar shop in Hudson County. Even pricier cigars than in Manhattan with less of a tax rate.

So I walked back through the crowds and came home yet again.
5.2.10 Fartin Music Fest 009
5.2.10 Fartin Music Fest 020
5.2.10 Fartin Music Fest 029
5.2.10 Fartin Music Fest 048
5.2.10 Fartin Music Fest 052
5.2.10 Fartin Music Fest 076
5.2.10 Fartin Music Fest 105
5.2.10 Fartin Music Fest 104

Jack Skuller live

Jack Skuller live

Possibly the photo I sent to the New York Times

Possibly the photo I sent to the New York Times

If I Had No Loot

Today is Friday, May 8, 2008. It’s official. There’s no two ways about it. Maybe somewhere else it’s Saturday, but right now it’s Friday. I didn’t go to work today. I took a day off.

I did check my email a few times as well as checking my voice mail. Apparently I didn’t miss anything. Just checked, I really didn’t miss anything.

Last night was mellow. Roger Johansen texted me, telling me he had an extra ticket to see Mike Watt at McSwells. But I was basically in for the night. Too lazy to go out even though it would probably be a good show and also good to see Roger.

No not for me, at least last night.

I was content to just stay in and relax. Bill came home a little before 10:00 and we had a lot of laughs. We then watched Southland which we’re both enjoying. I’m liking it more than I expected to. Still, a shiny object could easily divert my attention.

I stayed up and watched the Simpsons again. Woke up as Bill was getting ready to go to work. I just had to go to the bathroom and when I went back to bed, Bill was at the ready, all set to tuck me in before he left the apartment.

That was sweet.

I slept for another hour then got up and showered and made some coffee. Did some laundry and read the news online. Yes I am contributing to the death of the newspaper. I still buy them on weekends so that has to be some form of contrition.

I also ran some errands to the dry cleaners, the coffee shop for more coffee. Jeff wasn’t there. I was hoping to ask him if he moved into his new apartment, which is across from my kitchen window, on Willow Street.

I was actually hoping for a review of my Prancing Pantomime Pony routine that most anyone looking in my kitchen window could catch several times a day.

Tonight I’m going to see Wolverine with Bill and an old friend of his, Fred. We’re supposed to meet at a Mexican restaurant in Chelsea at 7:15 then catch the 9:30 show nearby. I enjoyed the X-Men movies, but the last one was a bit lame.

I also used to read the comic book faithfully, specifically after the rebirth, which introduced Wolverine. So I do have an interest in this one.

Plus, Hugh Jackman.

Tonight is all Bill’s planning and he’s good at that sort of thing. All I have to do is show up. That means I should leave here in around 45 minutes. Haven’t had Mexican food in a while, and I do like Mexican food.

More Cal-Mex than Tex-Mex though.

I’m happy to be out of the apartment, even though I did walk around Hoboken a couple of times today. Lot’s of people were out, it was a good day to take off. And hopefully the weather will continue to be pleasant.

It would make for a nice night in Manhattan, specifically Chelsea.

Here’s a pic from my travels around Hoboken this afternoon.