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Crocodile Rock

It’s a Monday, it’s Martin Luther King day and it’s a federal holiday. It’s been a pretty good day overall. A lazy day at that. A festive vibe is in the air, mainly from the inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow.

I watched the HBO broadcast of the inaugural concert last night and I was entertained. Most everyone was good. Garth Brooks is a major hot dog though. Can’t say I ever liked him. He did appear to hang to the right which was a bit impressive. So that’s one aspect of Garth Brooks that I didn’t mind.

Bruce was great of course and Pete Seeger is a national treasure. A wonderful version of This Land is Your Land with Pete, Bruce and Pete’s son in law.

James Taylor was pretty good too. Renee Fleming singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ hit all the right notes.

U2 rocked it with a two song set. They seemed very happy to be there, except for Larry Mullen who you can never tell if he’s ever happy. Too bad he’s the best looking member of the group.

There was a to-do about the omission of Gene Robinson and the invocation before the concert. HBO said it wasn’t their fault and that it was the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s decision not to include it in the broadcast. It was also reported that the speakers were turned off during the invocation.

Not that I care for the invocation or the magic words but Gene Robinson, the first openly gay, non celibate bishop of the episcopal church was supposed to be a salve for those of us that are STILL rankled by the choice of pRick Warren.

So perhaps there a few people in the inaugural committee who just aren’t down with gay people. I just hope this has no bearing on policy decisions down the line. I am trying to get into the swing of things, I am entitled to it. Especially after the money I donated and the time I spent working on the campaign.

Bill came over this afternoon and we watched the concert together as well as other reports from Washington DC. That’s all that’s been on TV all day today making me wish that I was down there. Of course it’s much too late for that and much too crowded for me and much too cold for Bill.

We’d stay with Billie in any event and probably would watch it from his house in the southwest part of the district. I guess I’ll watch it somehow at work. I’m sure the conservatives with the flat screen TV will be watching it and making snarky comments.

It was good being with Bill for a few hours. He definitely is a whole lot better that he was when I saw him last night. Still he wanted to take a two hour nap in our bed. I decided to take a nap alongside him but only lasted about 10 minutes when I was awoke by the sounds of a buzz saw a few doors down.

I watched Barack and Michelle Obama meeting an auditorium of volunteers at a high school in DC. That was really heartwarming. Heartwarming enough to last since I hadn’t read anything about pRick Warren in a few hours.

Here are some pics of the latest snowfall in Hoboken as well as some shots from the bus stop with Bill.











and with pleasure, a final posting of this…

Who Do You Love?

Monday again, and it wasn’t so bad. I think it’s because Sunday night went so well. I did see Julio, Stine and Alexander, hence the photos of that lovely boy. Came home reheated some leftovers from the night before, I can be so domestic these days. True the apartment is always a mess, but that’s not my doing. On weekends I usually make a chicken with pasta and a tomato cheese sauce. Very good and filling.

It just takes too much time for me during the week, I don’t know how my mother did day after day, year after year, for a family of six, then five, then four, then three. When it was down to two, my parents started to go out to eat frequently.

I tried watching Lars and the Real Girl starring Ryan Gosling but couldn’t get into it, and though Patricia Clarkson is in it, she hadn’t appeared after a half hour. By that time Bill came home and I switched to a very entertaining and inspiring documentary about Pete Seeger on PBS. Ol’ Pete is 89 years old nowadays and he’s still active and vital.

Just an amazing story and a stand up gent. If you get a chance to see it on PBS, do so. Bill and I really enjoyed it. I remembered when we marched in an anti war rally before the start of the current war and on the bus into Manhattan we each had an ear bud in our ear listening to Pete Seeger making a speech then singing a song. I think that was as close as I got to seeing Pete Seeger sing live, in traffic outside the Lincoln Tunnel.

Soon after that it was bedtime. Bill snoring up a storm, me staring at the ceiling before drifting off. Brilliant morning to wake up to, Bill was out by 6:00, I was out a little before 7:00. A busy day lay ahead. New people were having a meeting in the office and since I am currently without an assistant/receptionist that meant I had to do everything. Not that I minded, being busy does make the day go faster. And it’s been so slow lately that the days have been crawling.

I did have errands to run and that got me out of the office. That was great since it was a beautiful day. After work I wandered down to Farfetched and talked with Susan for a spell. New landlord so there’s lot’s of worry regarding the store. So far it seems good, they are an established store but with the greed a lot of landlords have whether or not the store stays open when the current lease expires would be up to him.

It’s not a heavily trafficked area, the store across the street turned over a handful of times in the past eight years, so if the landlord was smart, he would just leave things the way they are now. So understandably, Susan was a bit stressed. I was glad I was able to listen and make her laugh a bit, before I walked up to the Path train at 33rd street, enjoying a Padron and listening to Led Zeppelin which is great to listen to while strolling around Manhattan.

That’s about it for now, have a good night. Rest in peace, Bo Diddley.